Car Driven by Mind Control

by Editor | June 22, 2014 2:56 am

BBC – A car in Germany can be steered with thought alone. Rose Eveleth asks its driver and his team about the fiendishly difficult skills required to steer mind-controlled vehicles.

Henrik Matzke is in the driving seat of a car, poised to make a very unusual manoeuvre. The car pulls up to a junction. He concentrates for a moment, willing the car to turn. The steering wheel spins, and the car veers to the right, accelerating away.

With his hands on his lap, Matzke is driving the car with thought alone, often at speeds up to 50km/h (31mph).

He’s part of a team at the Free University of Berlin working on what they call the Brain Driver – a project that’s hoping to bring research into reading and interpreting brain signals into people’s cars and homes. What is it like to control a one-and-a-half-tonne vehicle with your mind?

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