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Smartphone Apps Invading Your Body

Smartphone Apps – Medical tricorders are no longer just science fiction as once depicted in Star Trek. New advances in sensor technology are harnessing the computing power we already have in our smartphones to create sophisticated devices the average person can use to diagnose themselves.

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Obamacare – What You are NOT Being Told

Obamacare is probably one of the most controversial issues facing the American public in recent years and has without doubt caused a division in public opinion. In this video the narrator covers a number of issues with Obamacare including what you are not being told.

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London Air Quality Worse than Beijing

It might be hard to imagine that the air quality in London is far worse that it is in Beijing but according to a new study it’s a fact.

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Marlie Casseus – Facial Reconstruction Surgery

This documentary follows the plight of Marlie Casseus from Haiti who at just 13 years old she developed a huge lesion on her face caused by fibrous dysplasia.

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Teen Walks 40 Miles to Raise Awareness for Cerebral Palsy

Fox News – Hunter Gandee of Michigan made a decision to raise public awareness about Cerebral Palsy by walking 40 miles carrying his 7 year old brother, Braden who was born with CP. His walk, dubbed the “Cerebral Palsy Swagger” was completed in two days and took its toll on Hunter.

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Mers Continues to Spread Globally

GULF NEWS – The MERS virus first detected in mass numbers in Saudi Arabia has been seen in isolated cases around the globe including the US, The Netherlands, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran and Jordan. It has also now claimed two lives in Algeria.

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Psychiatry: Are We all Mentally Ill?

Psychiatry – It’s a fact that more and more people throughout the western hemisphere are being diagnosed with some type of mental disorder. As far as the Pharmaceutical companies are concerned it’s big business with an estimated worldwide revenue of some £13 billion being produced on the back of psychiatrists diagnosing someone with some type of mental disorder.

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Cover Model Experiment: See the Transformation

Want to be a Cover Model? This video takes three women and with a little bit of modelling industry magic turn them into cover models; the results however, in terms of their perceptions, may just shock you.

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Lung Cancer Cure Breakthrough

DAILY MAIL – Extraordinary new drugs have cleared tumours that have spread throughout lung cancer patients’ whole bodies, scientists say.

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Are Electronic Cigarettes Really Safe?

The debate on whether electronic cigarettes are really safe continues as scientists appear divided as to whether electronic cigarettes are harmless or just as harmful as tobacco.

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