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Credit Cards

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Credit Card Debt: 9 Million People Struggle with Spiralling Debt

The Financial Conduct Authority is now looking closely at credit card debt due to the spiralling numbers of people getting caught up in credit card debt that they will never be able to repay.

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Personal Debt Soaring at Alarming Rate

How’s your Personal Debt? If you are struggling paying your mortgage and monthly bills and turning to your credit card then you are compounding personal debt. Here we look at the economic recovery and ask if the recovery is being fuelled by personal debt.

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Boxing Day Sales: Complete and Utter Madness

Boxing Day Sales: From the amount of news circulating on the Boxing Day Sales you might think that this was the only world event. Despite millions of bargain hunters in the Boxing Day Sales I wonder how many of them realise how much debt they are accumulating for things they simply do not need?

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Black Friday Mayhem and Madness

Black Friday – It was described as mayhem and madness with some calling it barbaric as shoppers fought with other shoppers to get their hands on the discounted goods. No wonder Britain’s debt keeps rising.

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Growing Fraud in Britain

The growing industry of fraud in Britain is estimated to cost over £30 billion a year and globally fraud cost in excess of US$3 trillion. In this video we provide an insight into fraud and how the fraudsters operate.

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