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Banks Using Wonga-Style Debt Collection Tactics

MORTGAGESTRATEGY – Major high street banks are using Wonga-style debt collection tactics by sending customers letters chasing for payments seemingly from third-party firms.

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Osborne Hands Greater Power to Bank of England to Prevent Housing Market Crash

THE GUARDIAN – George Osborne is to give the Bank of England sweeping new powers to control the size of mortgages amid fears that rapidly rising house prices risk becoming a bubble that would threaten Britain’s economic recovery.

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Mortgage Lenders to Clamp Down on Irresponsible Borrowing

Mortgage lenders are, from next week, going to be required to ask some very probing questions from mortgage borrows in an effort to prevent people from buying homes that they cannot afford.

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Treasury Warns of Housing Market Crash

The Treasury has now given a stark warning that a housing market crash is looming if property prices are not brought under control. Despite this fact the Government insists the Help to Buy scheme is good for first-time buyers.

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Is the Government Hell Bent on Creating Another Housing Market Crash?

Are we heading towards another Housing Market Crash? Is this Government really hell bent on creating another Housing Market Crash? It appears so with the latest foolish plans.

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First Time Buyers About to Feel the Squeeze

First Time Buyers are about to face turbulent times as we come closer to a hike in the interest rates. Here we explore the realities of buying a home and Britain’s current economic situation.

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City Economists Call for Curb on Home Buyers Borrowing Level

As the Home buyers borrow level continues leading City economists state that unless historical lending practices, notably a borrowing maximum of three times the income, is reinstated then the UK is heading for another property market crash.

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Mortgage Applicants Face ‘Stress Test’

Mortgage applicants face ‘Stress Test’ in a new scheme by the Mortgage Market Review. The ‘stress test’ will consist of a number of financial tests to ensure borrowers are able to keep up with their mortgage repayments even in the event of rising interest rates.

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Help to Buy Scheme Applicants Growing

The Help to Buy Scheme, according to the Government, is a resounding success as applicants using the scheme hit 6,000. Some experts however feel that this will only fuel a property boom bubble that will eventually burst.

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Building Societies Offering 95 Per Cent Mortgages

The Yorkshire Building Society announced that it will now offer 95 per cent mortgages; that is the public can once again buy a home with just a 5 per cent deposit.

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