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Unemployed Mother Unable to Repay Christmas Debt

Christmas Debt: Katie McGill, a mother of two young children, tells her story of how she brought hundreds of presents for her children this Christmas despite being on welfare.

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Wonga Profits Soar 70 Per Cent in One Year

Wonga reveals in its annual statement that profits have risen by 70 per cent and that it now provides over 10,000 loans per day with weekly profits of £1.2 million.

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Archbishop Looks Foolish After Attacking Lending Firm Wonga as Church Profits From Their Activities

After the Archbishop, Justin Welby, attacked Wonga over it’s exorbitant interest rates it turns how the Church of England was responsible for providing venture capital to Wonga to get it started.

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Pay Day Loans Interest Rates Will NOT Be Capped

Once again the British Government provides an assurance that pay day loan interest rates will be capped and reduced but after a closed door meeting the results where entirely different.

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The Great US Education Scam

Considering the massive debts accumulated by student loans this the US Education system a complete scam and what prospects to our kids have other than being saddle with enormous debt?

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Daughter Forced by RBS to Prove Her Father’s Death Over Just £6

A daughter was forced by RBS to prove her father’s death. Despite providing a copy of his death certificate the RBS refused to close the account and a debt of just £6 rose to £625.

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