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Hotels Using Facial Recognition to ID People

Hotels have rolled out a new Facial Recognition ID system according to Mark Dice, a media analyst, political activist, and author. Here Mark Dice takes a critical and cynical look at the new system and what it will mean for patrons.

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TechEd 2014 – Here Scott Hanselman of Microsoft talks about the announcement of ASP NET vNext.

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Hacking: The Age of Internet Terrorism

Video exploring the darker side to hacking; cyber terrorism and the threat it poses to government and the financial systems.

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BIOGRAPHY: Bill Gates the Richest Man on Earth

In this fascinating biography you’ll witness how Bill Gates turned a small business into a multi-billion dollar empire that’s had more than its fair share of controversy over the years.

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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Androids… will they become part of our daily lives? Here we look at the development of androids and provide an interesting video as to how robots could shape our future.

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Want Immortality? Transplant Your Brain

Do you really crave immortality? For those looking for immortality some eminent scientists, such as Prof Stephen Hawking, are suggesting that immortality could be achieved by transplanting the human brain into a computer.

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Should Edward Snowden Be Brought to Justice?

As Edward Snowden continues to elude U.S authorities there is growing worldwide public support for Edward Snowden with many feeling that it is the U.S Government that should be put on trial and not Edward Snowden.

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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Officially Released

Microsoft announce the release of Windows 8.1 which is confirmed as having the famous, and much loved, ‘Start’ button reintroduced. This video gives you a full preview of Windows 8.1.

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PRISM and Your Lack to the Right of Privacy

Is PRISM a covert Government project in order to spy on its citizens? There is mounting evidence that the U.S Government is pursuing a course of legislative changes that will allow the U.S Government unrestricted access to your personal information.

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Google Told to Delete Illegally Obtained Data or Face Criminal Charges

Google has been told by the British Authorities that it has 35 days in which to destroy personal data it illegally obtained during its Street View project or face criminal charges.

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