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Latin America

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Mexican Drug Lord Arellano Felix Arrested

Al Jazeera – The head of the once-mighty Tijuana-based Arellano Felix drug cartel was arrested while watching Mexico’s soccer team play in the World Cup, a top Mexican federal official has said.

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Puerto Rico Zero Income Tax Good for All

Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla sits down with Bloomberg’s Stephanie Ruhle to discuss Puerto Rico’s competition for business and investment with low-tax U.S. states.

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Argentina Stock Market Closes Down on Fears of Debt Repayment

BBC – Argentina’s stock market closed 4.9% lower on Thursday after the country’s cabinet chief said there would be no delegation to the US to negotiate with bondholders over a $1.3bn (£766m) debt.

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Jose Mujica President of Uruguay: Poorest President in the World

Jose Mujica has been president of Uruguay since 2010, is widely known to be the world’s poorest president. Jose donates more than of 90% of his $12,000 per month salary to benefit the poor and to help small entrepreneurs.

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Sao Paulo: Police Use Tear Gas to Break Up Protesters

BBC – Police in Sao Paulo have used tear gas to break up a protest against the football World Cup, hours before the city hosts the opening match.

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Sao Paulo Monorail Accident Claims a Life

BBC – A worker building a monorail in Brazil’s biggest city, Sao Paulo, has died after a section of the prestigious project collapsed.

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Is Brazil Ready to Host the World Cup?

Brazil has had seven years and spent over $12 billion to plan for the biggest sporting event in the world, but with the opening kickoff to the World Cup just days away, the country still isn’t ready.

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Brazil: Clashes in Sao Paulo Strikes

BBC – Police in Brazil have used tear gas to break up protesters on the second day of a metro strike that has left Sao Paulo’s transport in chaos.

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US Treasure Hunters Detained in Honduras

CNN – Six Americans who were in Honduras hunting for underwater treasures have been detained by authorities.

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Killer Whales Amazing Encounter

A couple vacationing in Mexico to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary encountered a number of killer whales swimming alongside their boat during a trip.

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