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Cameron Axes Michael Gove in Reshuffle After Toxic Poll Warning

THE GUARDIAN – David Cameron gave a ruthless display of prime ministerial power on Tuesday when he demoted his close friend and ally Michael Gove, as he removed a series of obstacles blocking the Conservatives’ path to a general election victory.

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UKIP Support Plummets to Push Tories Back into the Lead

THE GUARDIAN – UKIP support has plunged back from its high point of the European elections, giving a boost to all the established Westminster parties and pushing the Tories into the lead, according to a new Guardian/ICM poll.

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William Hague Quits as Foreign Secretary in Cabinet Reshuffle

BBC – William Hague has stood down as foreign secretary and will stay in the cabinet as Leader of the Commons, Downing Street has said.

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Edward Snowden Condemns Britain’s Emergency Surveillance Bill

THE GUARDIAN – The NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has condemned the new surveillance bill being pushed through the UK’s parliament this week, expressing concern about the speed at which it is being done, lack of public debate, fear-mongering and what he described as increased powers of intrusion.

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Queen Fears Red Arrows Axe as it Reaches its 50th Anniversary

EXPRESS – The RAF’s daredevil aerobatic team, the Red Arrows, faces being disbanded unless a commitment is made to save it within 12 months. Last night the Queen’s first cousin Margaret Rhodes said Her Majesty would have a “tear in her eye” if the Arrows were ditched when the fleet reaches the end of its life span in six years’ time.

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Desmond Tutu Plea for ‘Assisted Dying’ Before Historic Lords Debate

THE GUARDIAN – Desmond Tutu, one of the world’s most eminent religious leaders, has made an extraordinary intervention in the debate over assisted death, by backing the right of the terminally ill to end their lives in dignity.

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David Cameron to Promote Women and Younger Men in Cabinet Reshuffle

THE GUARDIAN – David Cameron is planning to embark on the most far-reaching reconstruction of his government next week as he promotes a new generation of women and younger men in an attempt to present a youthful and modern face of the Tory party to Britain at next year’s general election.

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HS2 Salaries Obscene says MEP

EXPRESS & STAR – Jill Seymour from UKIP hit out at the plan to give as many as 30 new HS2 members of staff more pay than the Prime Minister, who gets £142,500 a year.

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David Cameron Makes Concessions to Rush Through Snooping Law

THE GUARDIAN – David Cameron abandoned his year-long resistance to tightening the accountability of the security services as the price for winning Liberal Democrat and Labour support for emergency surveillance laws.

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Cameron Plans Crackdown on Strikes as One Million Public Workers Walk Out

David Cameron has been accused by union leaders of being a “Bullingdon bully” after he vowed that the Conservative election manifesto would tighten the screw on strike laws in response to what he regards as Thursday’s illegitimate mass walkout of up to 1 million public-sector workers.

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