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Catholic Church Releases Documents Detailing a Catalogue of Child Abuse

Catholic Church Releases Documents Detailing a Catalogue of Child Abuse

CATHOLIC CHURCH RELEASES DOCUMENTS DETAILING A CATALOGUE OF CHILD ABUSE – Chicago, USA: Some 6,000 documents have been released by the Catholic Church as part of a settlement to victims of child abuse by Roman Catholic priests in the archdiocese of Chicago yesterday.

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It was January 18 2014 in which we published an article on how the Vatican revealed that some 400 priests were defrocked by Pope Benedict XVI during 2011 and 2012 which clearly exposed the widespread sexual abuse by so-called members of the cloth.


Vatican Reveals Pope Benedict XVI Fired 400 Priests for Child Molestation

This latest revelation is certainly of biblical proportions for we are not looking at 6,000 documents that cover the globe but rather a single diocese which not only provides a glimpse into the atrocities being levelled at the most innocent but also gives unequivocal proof that even the most senior members of the Catholic Church were willing and indeed able to sweep the allegations under the carpet and allow the abuse to continue.

The Catholic Church’s answer to the rampant number of peadophiles currently masquerading as men of God was to simply shuttle them from one parish to another; it was without question a practice of abuse that was sanctioned by the Church.

According to the Catholic Church they still have managed to retain some 1.2 billion devout followers globally but you have to ask yourself what person in their right mind, considering all the factual evidence of abuse, could possibly atone to supporting an organisation that has such a vile past; we are of course not simply referring to the raping of children but the centuries of murder, extortion and corruption that continues to remain widespread throughout the Catholic Church today.

In addition to The Guardian running this article they also published details of how Vatican priests have been caught laundering millions of dollars through off-shore accounts that were made to look like donations. – see Vatican Priest Money Laundering

You have to stand back and ask why such an organisation that is undoubtedly corrupt, abusive and murderous is allowed to continue operating in modern times.

Cast your minds back to Bernie Madoff, a man who effectively stole $50 billion of investor’s money through a long standing and complex Ponzi scheme.  Mr. Madoff was of course tried, convicted and sentenced to no less than 150 years in prison and yet what Mr. Madoff achieved in terms of criminally relieving people of their cash was nothing compared to how much money the Vatican has stolen.

Of course Mr. Madoff only stole people’s money; he certainly didn’t condone the idea that he or his staff should go around abusing children and then attempting to cover it up.

We often talk about the evils of the world and the access to justice and many poor people will point the finger of condemnation to the large corporations and yet there is not a single corporate entity on this planet that could possibly achieve what the Vatican has in terms of power, influence or profit.

Yes the Catholic Church is without doubt one of the richest entities in the world with a willing ear from almost every Government on the planet; so powerful is the Catholic Church that they managed to persuade Italy to hand over an area of land so that the Vatican became a sovereign state and was therefore able to protect its assets, money laundering schemes and of course widespread child abuse without the issue of ever having to subject its members to a court of law.

The Vatican is little more than a despot dictatorship that has changed little in 2,000 years and yet as its wealth and power has grown so has its ability to influence and subvert the course of justice.

Maybe, with everything we know historically about the Church, the Vatican and the vile people who keep its corporate engine well oiled, isn’t it about time that all decent Christians turned their backs on the Catholic Church and announce that the entity is no longer needed as a route to Christ or God?

How can any so-called Christian ever condone through continued support, the actions of such a highly offensive, immoral, corrupt and clearly evil institution?

I for one see little if any value in religion; that’s all religions, for each simply appears to be an excuse for its followers to engage in every known human atrocity and abuse of the innocent whilst having the ability to make vast sums of money… it is without question a sick, twisted and above all an evil notion that we allow such entities to continue in existence.

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