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Chancellor Demands More Welfare Cuts

Chancellor Demands More Welfare Cuts

CHANCELLOR DEMANDS MORE WELFARE CUTS – The Chancellor George Osborne announced yesterday that he insists a further £12 billion in welfare cuts is required in order to reduce public spending to reduce public borrowing and prevent a rise in taxation.

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There are two critical areas to consider here; first, we must address our dependency or rather the ideology of ‘entitlement’ on welfare if Britain is to recover and ultimately stave off bankruptcy.

Whilst many refuse to accept the possibility of Britain going bankrupt the reality is of course very different and welfare remains the single most destructive element to any society, especially when that society feels ‘entitled’.

Secondly, with the increase in migrants from Eastern Europe, Britain must reduce their ability to have unrestricted access to welfare; such only increases the national debt pushing Britain further towards the periphery of bankruptcy.

The Chancellor in our opinion, is now taking the measures that should have been taken 30 years ago and has announced that these new waves of cuts will include axing housing benefit for the under 25s and ban high earners from having access to council housing.

The Chancellor correctly pointed out that the public has a clear choice, either they accept a rise in taxation or a significant reduction in welfare; refusing to accept either will result in more borrowing and as the national debt edges towards £1.4 trillion the possibility of a Greek crisis in Britain becomes a very real prospect.

Evidently such a move is not going to please everyone, indeed the Chancellor announced that he wouldn’t target wealthy pensioners; a move in our opinion that should be addressed.

It could be argued that pensioners have worked all their lives for the pensions they receive but then again such a notion simply takes us back into the area of ‘entitlement’.  The sharp reality is if you can clearly afford not to take out of the state then there is no reason why you should.

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg also waded in with connotations that the Chancellor is segmenting society and targeting the poor; he feels that targeting only the working-age poor was a monumental mistake and ‘extreme, unrealistic, unbalanced and unfair’.

“The truth is there are no easy options here and if we are to fix our country’s problems then cutting the welfare bill further is the kind of decision we need to make.” Chancellor George Osborne

There are few truths a politician will ever reveal but in the Chancellor’s statement above you can take that one to the bank.  We need desperately to reform our welfare system so that people get back to work.

How many times have we heard from the British public that they love their country and do not want to see it slide in the depths of depravity? How many times have the public asked for the Government to cease handing out cash to benefit scroungers?

Both issues can be addressed by drastic welfare reform and certainly those currently living on the backs of the taxpayer and the liberals are not going to be in favour of these measure but for Britain to recover, and dare I wager to prosper, then we must remove the indoctrination of ‘entitlement’ and realise that we need to work for what we get.

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