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Chemical Vasectomy Soon to be Available

Chemical Vasectomy Soon to be Available

CHEMICAL VASECTOMY SOON TO BE AVAILABLE – Scientists have made a breakthrough in developing what is effectively the male contraceptive pill and could be made available in the near future.

There have been a number of attempts to develop a male contraceptive pill that basically alters a man’s hormones so that the sperm becomes ineffective; until now all attempts have failed, resulting in women having to take contraceptives or men having to undergo the surgical procedure of a vasectomy.

According to the scientists working on a solution, this latest breakthrough works like a temporary vasectomy whereby it stops the sperm from leaving the body during intercourse.

Chemical Vasectomy

If this technique can be successfully developed into a pill then scientists believe that such a drug would appeal to both sexes; especially those women who feel unsure about using traditional female contraceptives due to known issues that they can raise the risk of heart attaches, strokes and blood clots.

There is a downside according to research undertaken in 2011 by Anglia Ruskin University, as they found nearly half of the women questioned wouldn’t be entirely confident in men using such a pill and therefore would still probably take current contraceptive measures themselves just to be sure.

“The technique works by blocking two proteins involved in the ejaculation process.

Using medication to target the mechanism by which sperm leaves the body, rather than trying to alter a man’s hormones or kill his sperm, meant the potential side-effects would be vastly reduced.”  Dr Sabatino Ventura, Monash University in Australia

Dr Ventura went on to explain that this development also tackles the problems previously seen in such a pill, in that previous attempts had sexual side-effects or effects on masculinity.

In earlier trials, scientists noted that some chemicals would make sperm dysfunctional and could have long lasting side effects on any off-springs the man produced.

However this new development tackles all of these issues and could be the answer science has been looking for that would negate the need for a permanent vasectomy.

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  • Dee

    I for one, would like to see men take more responsibility when it comes to contraception and this may help.