Chilcot Inquiry: Blair Letters Holding Up Publication

by Editor | May 14, 2014 2:43 am

CHILCOT INQUIRY: BLAIR LETTERS HOLDING UP PUBLICATION – The Daily Mail states today that it has received a copy of a letter send from Norman Baker, a Home Office minister, to Sir John Chilcot and openly accused the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, of trying to block the release of secret communications between him and George W Bush.

Tony Blair continues to deny he is responsible for the hold up and has stated that it’s entirely up to those producing the Chilcot Inquiry to publish it whenever they see fit.  According to a spokesman for Mr. Blair he insists Mr. Blair wants the Chilcot Inquiry published just as much as anyone else.

Within the letter Mr. Baker stated that he was extremely concerned that Sir John’s final conclusion have yet to see the light of day and takes the position that any reasons given for not providing the communications between former U.S President George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, in the context of ‘operational sensitivities’ should not be a consideration due to the length of time that has passed since coalition forces invaded Iraq.


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The constant delays are being labelled as an embarrassment for Britain but in our view that is an understatement on biblical proportions. The real truth, something that most people in our view have overlooked, is that it is a direct attack on democracy.

In a democratic society the Chilcot would have been compiled and published years ago for the very principle of democracy demands that the Government is fully accountable to the people; once again we are now able to see just how little democracy the British public are afforded.

It’s not clear whether Tony Blair and George W. Bush conspired to invade Iraq illegally just to ensure the U.S had full control over Iraq’s oil but of course that appears to be the underlying conspiracy.

As we have pointed out in other articles concerning the Chilcot Inquiry… innocent people do not attempt to hide or subvert the truth.

The real issue behind the Iraqi War is murder; we already know that over 500,000 innocent men, women and children have been killed as a direct result of the conflict.  This figure doesn’t include the thousands of coalition troops that have been killed or seriously injured and if our democracy does not allow us to get at the truth then it is clear that we do not live in a democratic society as touted by the politicians.

There are many concerns here; primarily as to answer the question as to whether Tony Blair committed a criminal act by giving orders to invade Iraq on the back of fabricated evidence that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) and if this is the case then the charge of mass murder and crimes against humanity must be brought to The Hague in order for Tony Blair to stand trial for such crimes.

One of the issues now is that whether the public will believe anything in the Chilcot Inquiry, assuming it’s ever published? 

It’s unquestionable that the majority of the public now feel that the Chilcot Inquiry will be little more than a cover-up to protect Tony Blair, all those involved and in the process attempt to save Britain from the embarrassment of being labelled a nation that is willing to allow its politicians to fabricate evidence just to get at Iraq’s oil.

The Chilcot Inquiry to date has cost nearly £3 million and yet it might well be the most worthless publication ever to be printed if the core principle of democracy is not upheld.

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