Chilcot Inquiry: Cameron Demands the Truth be Published on the Iraqi War

by Editor | May 4, 2014 6:17 am

CHILCOT INQUIRY: CAMERON DEMANDS THE TRUTH BE PUBLISHED ON THE IRAQI WAR – The Chilcot Inquiry is a little like the TV series The XFiles; yes Moulder continuously uncovering snippets of information in order to convince Scully that there is in fact a Government conspiracy to cover up Alien activity on earth… the truth is out there, but you’re never going to be privileged enough to see it.

David Cameron has announced that the Chilcot Inquiry needs to be published and that the endless delays on reporting the legalities of the Iraqi War should be revealed.

In our view this is nothing short of a calculated political move and one that Mr. Cameron hopes would provide sufficient public support of the him and the Conservative Party in order to secure an election victory in 2015.

As Prime Minister, David Cameron is privy to almost all the documents available and his recent call to move things along has an obvious political motivation for if the public are right in the suspicion that Tony Blair illegally invaded a sovereign nation then the chances of Labour winning the 2015 General Election are slim to none.

The truth about the Iraqi War… the truth is the public will never receive the truth; we may be afforded mere snippets but full disclosure is not something the public will ever obtain.

We’ve already witnessed vast amount of documents being handed over to Sir John Chilcot of which most of it is blacked out due to the Government citing ‘national security’.  How on earth can there be any transparency thereby revealing the truth when the truth is being hidden?

The truth… isn’t it clear?  There is no truth and despite the Chilcot Inquiry costing the taxpayer millions of pounds we have effectively paid for a cover-up; it is a mystery, wrapped in a puzzle, inside an enigma and Tony Blair and all those involve know full well that if found guilty they too face the hangman’s noose as did Saddam Hussein.

It is unequivocal; murder a person and you are a murder, murder several people and you are a serial killer, murder hundreds of thousands of people and you’re a politician and one in this case who was awarded with the lofty position as UN Middle East Peace Envoy…. could it really get any more offensive?

We were recently told that the Chilcot Inquiry wouldn’t be published until after the 2015 General Election; this came directly after a number of politicians stated that making such a report available could well cause mass abstention from voting therefore throwing the political scene into complete chaos.

In our view it’s time people did consider abstention for there’s not one single political party in the UK who is willing to tell the truth, rule by the principles of moral integrity or provide the public with their democratic rights.  Have we really become so indoctrinated to the fact that we ‘must’ vote that we now happily vote in politicians who are nothing more than criminals?  It would appear so.

David Cameron may well cite there are no reasons to delay the Chilcot Inquiry any further but you would have to be a blind fool not to see that this is politically motivated and obviously he is fully aware that the contents will damage Labour’s reputation to the point that the public won’t vote for them.

That in our view isn’t a bad thing; after all Ed Miliband’s intentions are to deny the public an EU referendum and turn Britain into a Nanny State.

Unfortunately the alternative, that being a Conservative Government, really isn’t that favourable either; we’ve clearly seen Mr. Cameron’s attributes and he has been weighted and found wanting of any moral integrity; in fact he’s a liar and someone who openly engages in blackmail.

Before you scream ‘libel’ let’s examine the facts; didn’t Mr. Cameron promise to renegotiate Britain’s position within the EU?  The answer is ‘yes’ he did and yet he’s done nothing.  He also pledged to reduce net immigration but that’s only ever increased.

As for the blackmail; consider his statement of providing an EU referendum in 2017 if he is re-elected in 2015… if that doesn’t constitute an attempt to blackmail the public then I’m not sure what does.

Mr. Cameron’s greatest achievement, according to Mr. Cameron, would be increasing Foreign Aid and handing out billions to despot dictators and supporting Al Qaeda; yes we all know where the foreign aid funds end up.

As far as Tony Blair is concerned, he may have well falsified documents in order to justify the war in Iraq and certainly since stepping down as Prime Minister in 2007 he’s amassed a fortune in excess of £100 million on the back of his narcissism; he is after all a man who lusts after personal wealth and media attention.

Consider what one former ally of Mr. Blair had to say…

“Since leaving Downing Street, Tony has managed to remain a big player on the world stage and use it to earn money, justifying it by doing good work at the same time.

It has served him well, but it is all starting to collapse. If Chilcot points the finger of blame squarely at him, which Blair himself knows full well it will, the whole edifice could crumble.

That is why it is in his interest that Chilcot should be delayed for as long as possible.”

Tony Blair continues with the same mantra that going back over the events of the Iraqi War will not help Britain to solve the Middle East crisis; it is of course a crisis that he himself created along with direct instructions from former U.S President George W. Bush.

One of the pieces of the Chilcot Inquiry puzzle is that of the ‘private’ notes that were passed between Blair and Bush; it has been long suggested that these reveal that the war in Iraq was decided upon long before the public was ever made aware.

Mr. Blair continues to claim that ‘private’ notes are just that and should not be allowed to be used and must remain confidential due to issues of national security.

In other words Tony Blair wants to cite ‘national security’ on the whole issue which effectively allows him to cover-up his part in what most people now consider an illegal incursion upon a sovereign nation.

Some insiders to the Chilcot Inquiry continue to express their concerns that Tony Blair and his legal advisers are continuously challenging every aspect raised by Sir John Chilcot and the panel of experts attempting to piece together what exactly transpired.

It is unquestionable that the taxpaying public want the truth but again the facts are clear; there is no transparency because Tony Blair and his advisers won’t allow such and without transparency it is impossible to reveal the truth.

It could well transpire that the Chilcot Inquiry, if ever published, would expunge Tony Blair of any wrongdoing; such would be greeted with suspicion that the whole affair has been covered up for it is now crystal clear that if Tony Blair wasn’t guilty of any wrongdoing he wouldn’t be working so hard on ensuring certain information isn’t handed over to Sir John Chilcot.

The British public are not stupid and they are fully aware of what is coming and that of course will be a cover-up and the politicians will cite ‘national security’ as its primary weapon of burying the truth.

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