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Chilcot Inquiry on Iraq War sees Progress

Chilcot Inquiry on Iraq War sees Progress

CHILCOT INQUIRY ON IRAQ WAR SEES PROGRESS – According to sources Sir Jeremy Heywood has had a change of heart on refusing to declassify documents on conversations Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and George W. Bush had in the lead up to invading Iraq.

Inside sources have stated that civil servants are ‘close’ to cutting a deal that would allow some 100 secret documents to be published.

For more than a year Sir John Chilcot has been continuously battling with Sir Jeremy Heywood and has even taken his concerns directly to David Cameron stating that the inquiry report can never be published until all the facts and evidence has been suitably examined.

It is now expected that records of telephone conversations between Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush are to be released along with other documentation detailing cabinet discussions on the war.

Meebal.com says …

Why did Sir Jeremy Heywood continuously block publication of the documents in the first place and why now the u-turn?

The conspiracy theory will now play out in that Sir Jeremy and his ilk have now had ample time to hide or even destroy the truth in which would ultimately see Tony Blair facing a criminal trial at The Hague; even possibly ending up swinging from the same rope they used to hang Saddam Hussein.

Whatever your views it is clear that democracy doesn’t exist in the UK and crystal clear that most politicians cannot be trusted.

The issues of the War in Iraq covers critical aspects that must be answered; not least being to determine whether Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and George W. Bush committed perjury in order to invade Iraq that resulted in the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children; this being apart from the thousands of military personnel that have been sent to slaughter on the orders of Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush.

It is interesting to note that inside sources in Whitehall have announced that the ‘secret’ documents could be released within the next three months.  Again it has to be asked why would it take that long; in fact Sir Jeremy has been sitting on these for over a year already so why would he and his aides need any more time?

This again leads us right back to the conspiracy theory that these documents are being either doctored or some even destroyed in order to hide the truth.

It is clear that clandestine forces within Government are at work in order to finally publish a report that will provide little, if any, real insight as to what evidence Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and George W. Bush concocted in order to gain UN approval for what is now seen as an illegal incursion on a sovereign nation.

It remains a fact that no Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) were ever found despite the insistence by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and George W. Bush that not only did Saddam Hussein have such weapons but was planning to use them.

It unfortunately doesn’t stop there for inside sources told reporters that whilst good progress has been made on releasing the documents a great deal of them will be ‘blacked out’ for reasons of national security and to prevent U.S and British relations being damaged.

It is not difficult to read into what is little more that a poorly executed public show and one that is unlikely to provide any answers other than giving the public further reason to believe that Tony Blair is finally going to escape being brought to trial and that justice for the hundreds of thousands of innocent lives will never prevail.

What the public both in Britain and the U.S needs right now is another Edward Snowden or for WikiLeaks to obtain the truth and present it to the media… yes meebal.com would publish such content if it revealed the truth for it is our democratic right to be given the truth by those we employ.

Mr. Blair recently told Sir John Chilcot…

“I think it is extremely important that the British prime minister and the American president are able to communicate in confidence, and if something is given in confidence it should be treated like that, but I am very happy to tell you the basis of what I said.” Tony Blair

Carefully examine what Mr. Blair is implying… did he just say that the people who provided him with employment have no right to know how he is conducting their affairs.

Look at it another way… if you employed a cook would you allow that cook to serve you up dinner but refuse to tell you what you are eating?

This might perhaps appear to some as a ridiculous notion but the truth is that Mr. Blair was merely a servant of the people, employed by the people and the people have the right to know how he conducted their affairs that significantly impacted their lives.

It is suspected that this recent change of policy to release the documents would give the Government a little breathing room but considering the facts and the constant delays and refusals it is now clearly evident that the truth will never really be brought to light and that any report publish will most likely be a fabrication from start to finish.

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