Child Prostitution Ring Run by Muslims

CHILD PROSTITUTION RING RUN BY MUSLIMS – In a court case currently running at the Old Bailey in London, nine Muslim men are accused of running a child prostitution ring from 2004 until present day.

According to the prosecution all nine men involved in this heinous crime were young children were subjected to having sex with other Muslim men or face execution.

The young children have given evidence to say that these men would often wait outside Children’s homes and abduct young girls and force them into sex slavery.  One young girl, of just 14 years of age, gave her account of how Akhter Dogar threatened her with violence if she refused to perform sex acts.

For the full story, see Daily Mail

Child Prostitution Ring Run by Muslims - Nine Muslim men, in the UK, are being tired for running a Child Prostitution Ring - maybe we should let Muslims have Islamic Law and if found guilty, put them to death.

I am sickened by this report and for a number of very good reasons.  I am wondering how many more articles I will have to write before we start to see justice in the United Kingdom and more importantly enforcing the duty of care we have towards our children.

Have we as a society become so liberal that we are now inept of even ensuring the welfare of our children?  It would appear so and with the rising levels of immigration we are seeing a massive surge in crime and crime that targets our children.

It is no secret that the UK has the highest levels of violent crime anywhere in Europe.  In fact the UK’s violent crime figures for 2012 stood at 1,158,957 and the closest any other European country to this was Austria with 133,546 – the divide is simply staggering and we have all the bleeding liberal hearts, who tell us that the criminals are actually the victims, to thank for the lack of justice in the United Kingdom today.

Am I the only one that finds it ludicrous that Muslims despise us and yet are happy to flock to the United Kingdom?  Am I the only one who cannot understand why we, as a so called civilized society, are able to simply accept these types of crimes, by Muslims, and simply consider this as just a way of life in modern Britain?

I am firmly against any type of Islamic Law being imposed upon the United Kingdom, this I have clearly pointed out in a number of articles.  My firm belief is that if Muslims want to practice Islamic Law then there are many Muslim countries available for them to reside in – In other words you know where the door is, don’t let me stop you from leaving.

Yesterday an article featured on Meebal, regarding a Public Hanging in Tehran, Iran.  The criminals were summarily tried, convicted and the next day put to death.  When I read the article, not just on Meebal, but other high profile websites, such as the Daily Mail, I was not shocked to see that many of the comments centered on justice in the UK with many people commenting that maybe the UK could take a leaf out of their book.

Considering this news and the comments of many people, maybe I have got it wrong.  Maybe we should have two sets of laws in the United Kingdom – one for the British Christians and one for the Muslims, because it is a clear fact that if these nine men had committed such a crime in a Muslim country, and found guilty, they would all be put to death.

Don’t, for one moment, view this as barbaric – Muslims are fully aware of Islamic law and the penalties for breaking it; and remember, how many times have you heard Muslims in the UK ask for Islamic Law to be imposed?  Maybe we do have something to learn here and maybe raw justice is the only way to change the dire situation of crime in the UK around.

I will stay it again and I will keep on saying it… It is time to bring back Corporal and Capital Punishment in the United Kingdom.  How on earth can we British be proud of a system that allows this type of crime to be committed against our young without any form of real retribution?

I for one, if these individuals were found guilty, would have no compunctions about giving them a lethal injection or flipping a lever and watching them swing.

Many people I have spoken to, on the subject of crime in the UK, believe we are at a cross roads. I think we have gone beyond that and the clear evidence, in the statics, clearly shows that the UK, as a society, is clearly broken – it is a lawless society and one where justice has been replaced with liberal thinking that simply spreads crime like a disease.

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  • Mike

    I see time after time reports of how my country by birth and that of my parents and theirs too has sunk to the depths of desperation and continues to sink further, why and how did this decline so much. The England I know and loved has long gone. Like every UK citizen I want my birth land back, back to where it used to be and the only option to achieve this is by deportation for all foreigners who are not supporting their adopted country and who break the laws of my land. Strengthen it further by including those deported to include all family members too. It is well past ime to get tough with these cretins and get rid of them.

    • Stuffinator

      You are not alone in your thinking. The trouble is we have been indoctrinated with Liberalism and unless we can put a stop to this and bring back real law and order then the situation can only get worse.
      It’s so sad to see how the UK and declined in the last 40 years alone.

  • Peter

    Muslims = douchebags

    • Stuffinator

      Not all but our perception of them is certainly not getting any better. I’ve changed my opinion on Islamic Law in the UK – let them have it and then if these guys are guilty we can put them to death.