Child Psychotherapist Claims Babies are Born Good But Society Turns them Bad

by Editor | May 5, 2014 6:54 am

CHILD PSYCHOTHERAPIST CLAIMS BABIES ARE BORN GOOD BUT SOCIETY TURNS THEM BAD – According to Graham Music, a Child Psychotherapist, featured today in the Daily Mail, all babies are born fundamentally good but with the introduction of modern life such as shopping and television it then makes children selfish, mean and greedy.

Mr. Music claims that his decades of research into our modern society and consumerism could be the answer as to why children are becoming more unruly and even having a detrimental effect on their physical and mental health.

Could this be true or is Mr. Music’s research and assumptions seriously flawed?

Watch the following video for this give an entirely different prospective and one which indicates that we are all born fundamentally evil and narcissistic.

It doesn’t matter what approach you take both Mr. Music and the narrator of the video, Dennis Prager, add to the debate and provide possible reasons for the increasing concern that our children are growing up in a world that lacks moral fortitude.

In our view Dennis Prager is right in that we are all born narcissistic and it is the responsibility of parents, teachers and society as whole to help a child determine right from wrong.

In the UK, and indeed most of the western hemisphere, we have move along with the progressive liberal ideology that it is wrong to chastise a child and the results today are clear when looking at unruly behaviour in our classrooms which often spills out into violence on the streets.

It could be argued that a child simply doesn’t know right from wrong and is therefore unable to take a pragmatic view of a situation in order to determine cause and effect.  It is in our view the job of parents, teachers and society to direct a child but if we are continuously restrained by law from doing so then this can only end with one result… a generation that cares for nothing other than themselves and ones that will resort to any means to get what they want.

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