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China: 10 Year Old Girl Accused of Brutally Murdering a 2 Year Old Boy

China: 10 Year Old Girl Accused of Brutally Murdering a 2 Year Old Boy

CHINA: 10 YEAR OLD GIRL ACCUSED OF BRUTALLY MURDERING A 2 YEAR OLD BOY – The fact that anyone could harm a child is disturbing enough but this particular case has left many Chinese nationals deeply saddened and outraged.

Yuanyuan - Boy thrown off buildingNews reports broke of a mother and her 2 year old baby boy, Yuanyuan, who took the elevator to the floor of their apartment building after a shopping trip.

As the mother took Yuanyuan’s tricycle out of the elevator the doors shut unexpectedly fast, trapping Yuanyuan, but not before an unnamed schoolgirl of 10 years old managed to enter.

The mother was understandably distraught but what was to come has left her devastated after Yuanyuan was murdered after being thrown over a balcony.

The authorities have declared that the murder took place in Chongqing, southwest China and the initial incident was caught on CCTV footage.

From the video footage (see below) you can see how the girl picked up 2 year old Yuanyuan and then within moments slammed him to the floor.  Within an instant, the girl then viciously attacked Yuanyuan by repeatedly kicking him and stamping on his head.

The CCTV footage shows little Yuanyuan struggling as he tries to get back up on his feet but the schoolgirl continues to kick and stamp on him.

As the elevator stops on the 25th floor, the girl is then seen grabbing Yuanyuan off the floor and pushing him out of the elevator.  The authorities believe that the girl dragged Yuanyuan to either a window or balcony and threw him off the building.

Despite being thrown off the 25th floor Yuanyuan survived and was rushed to the nearest hospital where he died just hours later from his injuries.

Yuanyuan - Mother Distraught Over the Death of Her Son

The authorities are continuing with their investigation and questioning the girl who allegedly murdered Yuanyuan.

VIDEO: Viewer caution advised due to extremely disturbing content.

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