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China: Father Publicly Flogs 9 Year Old Son for Skipping School

China: Father Publicly Flogs 9 Year Old Son for Skipping School

CHINA: FATHER PUBLICLY FLOGS 9 YEAR OLD SON FOR SKIPPING SCHOOL – A 9 year old boy from Nanchong in Sichuan province, south-west China was stripped bare, all but his underpants, tied to a tree and publicly horse whipped for the crime of skipping school.

Local reports stated that the father attracted a sizable crowd who gathered to watch the boy being punished and even applauded as the father set about his son with a stick.

Boy Publicly Flogged by his Father in China

Whilst the temperature was only just 5C it is unlikely the freezing temperature was a concern to the boy as his father set about punishing him.

It is nothing unusual to read reports of corporal punishment coming out of China for such action is perfectly legal; although there are strict laws in place to prevent child abuse.

In some cases the Chinese authorities will even order the parents to carry out ‘strict discipline’ for children who stray outside of the law and who are then found guilty of serious social misbehaviour.

The issue of punishing a child is often a bed of hot topic in China with a growing number of people feeling that corporal punishment should be outlawed.

However, currently corporal punishment remains widely accepted and attitudes are unlikely to change anytime soon. says…

We spoke to a couple of people from China to get their take on the situation and indeed how they perceive such punishment.  The message was clear in that society should not tolerate crime or social misbehaving by children and therefore the measures of corporal punishment are acceptable.

It was interesting to note that they didn’t want to be cornered by political correctness to a point where their social system breaks down as it has in western societies; we were told that the lack of corporal and capital punishment is in their view the underlying reason for high levels of youth crime in the west.

At we’ve openly supported the reintroduction of corporal punishment, both at home and in school.

During the last year we’ve read hundreds of reports of youth crime and with each of these the readers’ comments invariably call for tougher measures, including bringing back corporal punishment.

However, it always appears that those people calling for the reintroduction cringe and indeed change their minds when an article such as this brings home the realities of such punishment.

It is most unlikely that the child in this case will consider skipping school again but it has to be said that punishment in this particular case was a step too far.

We are, and will remain, advocates for the reintroduction of corporal punishment and even public floggings for criminals.

However, in such instances as this the child should have been taken home and privately punished with a short spanking in order to drive the message home.

The effectiveness of corporal punish remains questionable in some people’s minds but for those of us who came from an era where spanking was common place most will agree that it really didn’t do any psychological harm and certainly kept us on the straight and narrow.

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