Chinese State Media Ridicules Britain

Chinese State Media Ridicules Britain

CHINESE STATE MEDIA RIDICULES BRITAIN – As the Prime Minister David Cameron engages on his official trip to China in order to promote trade and cement better relations with China the Chinese state-run newspaper, the Global Times, decided to ridicule Mr. Cameron’s visit that potentially might have caused a diplomatic storm.

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According to the Global Times the UK is ‘just an old European country that’s only fit for tourists and students.  Ouch!

On top of that the Global Times also took a dig at Mr. Cameron’s meeting last year in Tibet with the Dalai Lama; accusing Mr. Cameron of acting provocative by engaging in such dialogue with the exiled spiritual leader.

That particular meeting as you may recall didn’t go down very well with Beijing and in fact plunged the Sino-British relationship into icy cold waters; things now are only just beginning to thaw, which is why ii is was more than a little surprising, if not completely out of place, for the Global Times to bring it up once again.

Chinese State Media Ridicules Britain during the Prime Minister's visit in which he hopes to cement trade and diplomatic relations - here we look at what the Chinese State media had to say and whether there was any validity to their disparaging comments.

If that wasn’t sufficient to open up old wounds then the Global Times took things even further by admonishing Mr. Cameron over his remarks that the former British colony of Hong Kong democracy should be expanded across China.

The Global Times, which is in fact owned by the official Communist Party People’s Daily newspaper quoted… “The Cameron administration should acknowledge that the UK is not a big power in the eyes of the Chinese.” Double Ouch!

Certainly the Global Times remarks will be seen by many British as more than a little offensive but they certainly have a point and instead of getting all flustered and angry at the remarks maybe we ought to stand back and examine the validity of their comments.

Great Britain… in fact you can remove the ‘Great’ for that was unquestionably washed away with the Labour years and despite 3 years in Government Mr. Cameron hasn’t taken any measures to reinstate Britain’s once greatness on the world stage.

It is pointless and fruitless to admonish the comments of the Chinese newspaper for everything it printed is factual; Britain is nothing more than a hollow shell of itself.

Again the Global Times is correct, Britain is quite a popular tourist destination and there are a growing number of Chinese students entering Britain in order to access top Universities that complete extremely well on the global stage.

Unfortunately whilst most Brits will find the remarks from the Global Times offensive they won’t really bother to ask why such remarks were made and indeed examine their validity.

The stark reality is that we have become apathetic which is why Britain is now longer great.

It’s fair to say that the British berate China for what we perceive as human rights abuses and moan about how everything we buy has a ‘Made in China’ label attached to it.

Yes it’s true, there are a vast amount of products on the market with the ‘Made in China’ label but this was only brought about because the British were successfully indoctrinated by the Unions and in turn took to striking at any given opportunity; it was inevitable that without a workforce willing to work then production would eventually move and indeed it did… to China.

Take the Miner’s Strikes as one example; do you really think Arthur Scargill really cared about the miner’s?  The truth is he didn’t care and whilst the miner’s continued to strike without pay Mr. Scargill continued, like any other Union leader, to stuff his pockets with union fees – you certainly didn’t see Mr. Scargill going hungry.

There are those who continue to vilify Margaret Thatcher over the pit closures but the truth was that none of them were turning a profit and therefore public money was being continuously wasted in attempting to keep them afloat.  It was blatantly obvious that Britain was plunged into an era of ‘entitlement’ which continues to this day with ever growing devastating consequence – but who cares providing you get what you want or rather what you perceive to be ‘entitled’ to?


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Most people appear to have over looked this fact but of course that didn’t seem to matter; Margaret Thatcher was simply labeled as evil and an enemy of the working classes – working classes that paid taxes to keep the inefficient, unprofitable coal pits open.

We’ve gone, in the last 70 years, from a nation of innovation and production to a nation of service sector workers; the rise of the financial institutions is testament to that fact.

The City of London is still considered as one of the world’s most powerful financial hubs and yet look closely and you’ll see that the financial system is failing spectacularly.

We’ve already had one financial crash in which the taxpayer was forced to bail out the banks and furthermore the likes of RBS continue to make vast losses whilst awarding massive bonuses to its senior executives – all at the on-going expense of the taxpayer.


Taxpayer Funded Bank RBS to Hand Out £500 Million in Bonuses

The Global Times is perfectly correct in its analysis that Britain is just a small and insignificant country for the British took a highly powerful, productive and innovative country and simply sank it under the weight of their own self-righteous indignation, greed and entitlement; and yet despite widespread acknowledgment continues to do so.

Look at the state of Britain and you will find little more than an entitlement based welfare state and one that is now firmly controlled by the European Union – yes we don’t even have the spine or will to oppose a complete takeover; that’s how apathetic we have become.

As for China; well let’s just say they have a nation of people who save rather than spend, they have vast reserves of cash instead of debt and they are willing to work so that the nation continues to prosper – as for the British… well we seem more concerned about the human rights of a terrorist and ensuring that we are provided with sufficient cash from the state rather than having to work for it.


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Within the next 5 to 10 years China will become the ultimate super-power on the planet and it’s more than conceivable that the dollar as a global currency will be replaced with the Yen.

As for Britain and indeed Europe … it’s likely we’ll be bailed out by China if we ask nicely enough and the European Union would have completely collapsed under the weight of greed and corruption.

Great Britain; yes once but that was a very long time ago and the only sensible thing to do now is to ensure that we have friendly ties with Beijing and that all our kids are taught to speak Mandarin.

Again, don’t blame the Chinese, for they played no part in Britain’s downfall as they didn’t need too – we did a sterling job of that ourselves.

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