Chris Huhne: Devoid of Any Moral Integrity

by Editor | May 7, 2014 3:17 am

CHRIS HUHNE: DEVOID OF ANY MORAL INTEGRITY – Politicians are not exactly the most endearing creatures in society but every now and then one pops up which becomes the personification of just how immoral and lacking any integrity a politician (ex-politician in this case) can truly be.

We are of course referring to the one and only Chris Huhne for despite being found guilty of perverting the course of justice, spending just 8 weeks locked up in what was little more than a five star resort out of his 8 month sentence, Chris Huhne simply refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing and will blame his dishonesty at every available opportunity on almost anyone remotely involved in his case.

Yes the journey from Cabinet to prison is not, in Chris Huhne’s eyes his fault; after all if the Press hadn’t had a vendetta against him he would never have been found out… well that’s one of his excuses for his criminal behaviour.

After being caught swapping his driving penalty points with his ex-wife Vicky Pryce, Chris Huhne insists that the only reason the Press revealed the story was due to his role in insisting that the phone hacking inquiry should be re-opened.

Chris Huhne also fails to acknowledge the fact that his marriage didn’t end due to the Press uncovering his dishonesty but rather by his own hand due to taking the decision to repeatedly cheat on his wife with his own press agent.

You would honestly think at this point in his career he would want to step away from the limelight and get on with the job he secured at £100,000 a year but no, not Chris Huhne for in the wake of ex-judge Constance Briscoe being jailed, it is now her fault he was convicted because she perverted the course of justice.

There is no denying that Ms. Briscoe lied to the police over her knowledge of his penalty points swapping and as a result she was last week imprisoned in disgrace with her career in ruins and it’s most unlikely she’ll be able to get a job anywhere near as lucrative as Chris Huhne managed upon his early release.

Regardless of her evidence to the police it ultimately played no part in Chris Huhne’s prosecution and conviction but according to Chris Huhne he now states that the only reason he told lies to the police was due to the fear of being stitched up by Ms. Briscoe.

Chris Huhne doesn’t appear to know the truth even though it’s staring him right in his face; he obviously refuses to acknowledge that he’s a lair, even with the overwhelming evidence to the fact.

Again Chris Huhne is not only the personification of everything that is wrong in modern  politics for he clearly believes, like many other politicians, that he is above the law.  It is without question that Chris Huhne is severely lacking in any integrity and will continue with his attempts to off-load the blame on anyone regardless to the clear fact that the man is a liar.

Chris Huhne is currently attempting to have his prosecution legal bill of £110,000 reduced and we can only hope that the judge takes into consideration his lack of remorse and integrity when making his decision; if it were up to us we’d double the amount and throw this sorry excuse of a human being right back in the deepest darkest hole in Britain for the full 8 months.

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