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Church of England Bishops Criticise Government Welfare Reforms

Church of England Bishops Criticise Government Welfare Reforms

CHURCH OF ENGLAND BISHOP CRITICISE GOVERNMENT WELFARE REFORMS – No less than 26 Bishops from the Church of England have written an open letter to the Prime Minister David Cameron, admonishing his Government for embarking on a campaign of welfare reforms that has caused poverty and malnutrition for untold numbers of UK citizens.

The Bishops claims there is now a ‘national crisis’ and that many people have been subjected to delays and punitive sanctions on claiming benefits.

The Bishops have further called Mr. Cameron’s actions as immoral and that he has a moral duty to help those who most need Government assistance.

If I had two-bob for every time Church leaders came out and put their ideological foot right in it I’d be a billionaire.

Yet again the Church of England is outraged, claiming that it’s almost sinful not to feed, clothe, house and provide cash to the lazy and inept.

Before you jump on your high horse and admonish me for that statement let me just add something… It is without question that there are genuinely needy people, such as the sick and disabled; that is undeniable and we should offer humanitarian assistance to these people.

With that out of the way it’s also plainly obvious that the welfare system is used and abused.  Since the Government introduced new measures to curb the freeloaders getting away with ‘sick benefit’ some 1 million have stopped claiming and 800,000 have gone back to work.

Such figures, in just one area alone, pays testament to the fact that the welfare system is not effective and doesn’t help those who really need; it of course, as we have clearly seen with Channel 4’s documentary ‘Benefits Street, also highly susceptible to abuse.

It’s fine for the clergy to admonish the Government but frankly they live in gilded cages and are awarded big fat salaries.  Of course the Church of England, whilst it’ll hold out its hand for donations to build a new roof, continues to invest in weapons manufacturing, supporting the likes of Wonga through capital venture and even heavily investing in the production of pornography.

Oh yes the Church will take to the pulpit and laud their virtues but you don’t see the Church, one of the richest organisations in the world, whipping out it’s cheque book and offering to help support the welfare system and therefore the poor that they so dearly love to champion.

Unfortunately no, the Church is more like a absentee landlord who will only turn up to collect the rent and often than not it’s never them standing at the doorstep but rather some underpaid lackey who survives on minimum wage and then is told by their employer to get it topped up through the benefits system.

The Church of England can thank it’s lucky stars I’m not Prime Minister because I’d public haul them over the coals and put them in their place.


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We no longer live in the dark ages where the Church rules by fear and oppression; it’s one of the reasons the Church of England is losing more followers than a sinking ship loses rats.

As for their assumption that the lack of welfare is causing widespread poverty and malnutrition there is only one word available to describe such a comment… delusional.

We live in an age of information and information that is often carefully compiled and the consensus on welfare is crystal clear; it doesn’t help the impoverished but merely condemns them to a life of dependency.

When welfare was introduced in 1945 it was designed to help the poor to dig themselves out of poverty; unfortunately the liberals took this too far and turned living a life on benefits as an entitlement.

Most of us are aware of Channel 4’s documentary ‘Benefits Street’ and from what has been revealed there is inextricable evidence to the damage that our ideology of entitlement to be cared for from the cradle to the grave has created in society.

Do you honestly think that giving people money week after week, month after month, year after year is going to improve their lives?  To suggest that it does is both delusional and complete and utter folly.

Last year alone the taxpayer was forced to pay £48.2 billion in interest payments on the money the Government had to borrow in order to sustain current levels of welfare.

Read that again… that’s £48.2 billion in interest payments for covering the cost of borrowing money to pay out benefits.

Economic recovery?  Now there’s a porky if ever I’ve heard one.  Just last week a number of economic experts spoke out about the so-called economic recovery and warned that such is being driven by personal debt.


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Due to on-going austerity measures people are now being forced to use their credit cards in order to cover their mortgage payments and household bills as well as putting food on the table. The truth is that once again we are seeing an economy built on debt and as the debt pile continues to rise it will inevitably come to a point where the debtor defaults.

Open up the welfare system, revert back to just handing out cash to all and sundry who apply for it and before long Britain will end up declaring bankruptcy in the same fashion as other European nations such as Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

At that point Britain will be forced to go cap-in-hand to the EU for a bailout and of course such won’t be cheap; you can bet your last pound note that Brussels will want unbridled control over every aspect of Britain’s affairs which will effectively make us slaves to Brussels.

Yes, laud the welfare system if you must but once Britain’s finances collapse you can effective way Bon Voyage to all benefits because there will not be any money to pay for them and then, in your humanitarian insistence of feeding everyone, you would have committed an act that will see the true needy starve; at that point your notions of being a humanitarian will turn to an act of biblical atrocity for you will see the real needy suffering and dying due to the ideology of entitlement.

What’s Britain’s true position of debt and how Government has effectively brought us to the brink of financial collapse?… Watch the video and you’ll see how this, previous and future Governments are compiling vast amounts of debt for future generations; yes our children will pay for our sins.

Again if the Church has anything to say then it shouldn’t say it with words but rather actions; that is let the Bishops survive on minimum wage, sell off the Churches and lavish properties they live in and then give it to the poor.

Until such a time would the Church of England kindly crawl back under its hypocritical rock from whence it slithered.

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