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Church of England Climbs Down Against Wonga

Church of England Climbs Down Against Wonga

CHURCH OF ENGLAND CLIMBS DOWN AGAINST WONGA – I love the Church of England and Archbishop Justin Welby is turning out to be one of my favourite Archbishops.

My admiration unfortunately is not due to the Church of England being a guiding light for a peaceful and human society or that Justin Welby being a kind and considerate Archbishop with nothing more than the well-being of the UK citizens on his mind.

There are some people in this world that appears just a little detached from reality and there are those, such as The Most Reverend Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who are so detached that they are either living on a completely different plant or are the victims of continued substance abuse.

No, none of these are prevalent in my mind, but both are simply arcane, insane and often provides me with more than a chuckle or two.

The Church of England is quite frankly a despicable organization.  Bathed in criminality, extortion, kidnapping, rape, child abuse, child molestation and of course murder; I fail to see how any right minded individual can look up to such an institution with any form of admiration.

Quite frankly the Church of England is a sickafantic institution that is managed by morons and when it comes to Welby; well let’s just say this clown is good for a laugh.

Last month Webly got flustered over the Pay Day Loans Company Wonga.  He was offended that the company’s interest rates were exorbitant and therefore felt that Wonga was harming society; by pushing the poor deeper into poverty.

What does Welby know about poverty and the poor?  Well he should as head of the Church of England for the very institute he works for has been responsible for suppressing the masses and keeping them poor and ignorant for centuries.

Welby’s solution, as you might remember, was to tell Wonga’s directors that the Church of England was going to rise up and fight against this social injustice by creating its own lending company which would put Wonga out of business.

That’s seemed like a good idea until Welby was informed by the Church of England’s pension fund were actually the ones who initially provided venture capital for Wonga.  Oh dear!


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Archbishop Looks Foolish After Attacking Lending Firm Wonga as Church Profits From Their Activities

The situation got worse as it came to light that not only was the Church of England actively investing in Pay Day Loan Companies but also in Arms, Pornography production and a number of other illicit activities.

Welby, of course, came out to defend his position and that of the Church of England by saying he wasn’t aware of such investment practices and that he would spring to action and eradicate such distasteful investment practices by the Church of England.

You could hear a pin drop in the Archbishop office due to the lack to action Welby is taking and yesterday he announced that setting up a rival for Wonga would take much longer than anticipated; 10 years longer to be precise.

According to Welby setting up a credit union to compete takes major skills. Well blow me down with a feather for that’s a revelation to be sure.  So let me get this straight… it’s taken Welby over a month to figure that one out; no wonder there are still some looking to the stars and praying for some intelligent life out there for it appears devoid in the Church of England.


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So there you have it; hot wind, all talk and no action.  However the benefit to the public is clear in that certain revelations were made perfectly clear on how the Church of England and Welby manages the donations received and no doubt the next bullet that kills an innocent person in one of the many worn-torn countries will have its mark on it… “Made by the Church of England”.

Do you think the Church of England should be abolished? Do you think the Church of England still serves as a moral beacon? Please leave your comments below.

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