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Church of England Investment Strategy to Be Reviewed After Embarrassing Revelations

Church of England Investment Strategy to Be Reviewed After Embarrassing Revelations

CHURCH OF ENGLAND INVESTMENT STRATEGY TO BE REVIEWED AFTER EMBARRASSING REVELATIONS – For the last couple of days the Most Reverend Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the Church of England, has been having a hard time of it in the press.

Once again the Church is embroiled with government and this time the Archbishop of Canterbury is outraged at Welfare Cuts. Should the church have a say in politics?

It started out innocently enough with Welby ridiculing Wonga, the Pay Day Loans firm, for its excessive interest rates.  Unfortunately Welby failed to do his research and like our Government officials his incompetence was soon splashed all over the front pages of the tabloids.


Archbishop Looks Foolish After Attacking Lending Firm Wonga as Church Profits From Their Activities

Whilst there were many to come to Welby’s defence of admonishing Wonga it was quickly revealed that the Church’s investment arm was partly responsible for funding Wonga’s start up. Maybe someone should have told Welby or better yet he should have at least enquired as to whether the Church had a hand in any such practice.

Unfortunately, for Welby, his problems have not ended there.  For now the press have dug a little deeper and found that the Church of England’s investment arm is also responsible for funding arms deals and even pornography.  So much for the rhetoric of ‘ethical investments’, that he and the church so dearly love to bang on about.


Archbishop Demands MORE Government Spending on Foreign Aid

The Archbishop of Canterbury is now going to thoroughly review the Church’s investment strategy as this is an extremely embarrassing situation and not within the keeping of the principles of the Church.

Again I think Welby needs a lesson in history for the Church’s history of making money has always been achieve on the backs of the poor.  It’s dirty dealings over the centuries have included genocide, subterfuge and the toppling of Government.


Archbishop of Canterbury Outraged at Welfare Cuts

We often look back at human rights atrocities but rarely attribute them to the Church and yet the Church itself is the world’s largest single criminal organization that has ever been in existence; or likely to exist and for all our moral high ground there are billions of followers who continue to support such a crime syndicate.

Currently the Church has investment assets exceeding £5 billion and is involved in all manner of questionable investments including alcohol, tobacco, gambling and of course pornography.  It appears, when you look closely at the Church’s investment portfolio, that nothing is really considered taboo; but is that really surprising from an organization that has built its criminal empire on the back of other people’s misery and suffering for centuries?

The Archbishop made a statement to the press that the revelations where completely embarrassing; I’m personally not convinced, either Welby knew about them and was hoping they wouldn’t be uncovered or he has just admitted to being totally incompetent, for as head of the Church he should be fully briefed on such issues.

Welby of course won’t have to worry too much.  After all the Church has survived far more embarrassing revelations that supporting the production of tobacco, extortionate loans and of course pornography.

I’m still hoping that one day the world’s one billion plus patrons of Christianity will finally wake up and see the wealth of lies that the Church has fed them in order to rise to one of the most powerful and richest entities on the earth – there’s nothing remotely saintly or Godly about the Church’s activities that’s for sure and it takes almost no research to reveal that fact.

Do you think the Church is a corrupt and arcane institute that should be abolished? Please leave your comments below.  If you have a story to tell please contact the editor.

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