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Clegg and Gove Engage in a War of Words

Clegg and Gove Engage in a War of Words

CLEGG AND GOVE ENGAGE IN A WAR OF WORDS – Tensions between the Education Secretary Michael Gove and the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has been increasing over a number of months and last night the feud came to a head as Mr. Clegg accused Mr. Gove of being out of control in which allies of Mr. Gove retorted that Mr. Clegg was a liar.

According to Mr. Clegg he has been continuously forced to deal with the problems from the Education department on almost a daily basis.  Mr. Gove’s allies however hit back by accusing Mr. Clegg of attempting to sabotage his efforts to improve schools and the education systems as a whole.

Michael Gove Eductation Secretary Nick Clegg Deputy Prime Minister

Left: Michael Gove Education Secretary | Left: Nick Clegg Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrat Pary

Mr. Gove’s allies went on to state that the Education Secretary spends his time sorting our Mr. Clegg’s ‘screw-ups’ and certainly not the other way around as purported by Mr. Clegg.

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There’s talk of Nick Clegg now attempting to distance himself and the Liberal Democrats from the Conservative Party in the lead up to the 2015 General Election.

Of course this might actually be the case but almost immediately after the coalition was formed in 2010 cracks appeared in the foundations and it is clear that neither side has ever really attempted to find common ground and refused to consider anything other than their own political ideology.

It was nothing short of a bastard of a union, a forced marriage that was doomed to failure but truthfully that didn’t matter to Nick Clegg.

Mr. Clegg has always known, as he does now, that the public are not going to swing to the left and provide the Liberal Democrats with a victory in the coming election or foreseeable further elections.

Since 2010 the public have had ample opportunity to understand what Mr. Clegg is made of and clearly the consensus is that Mr. Clegg has been weighted and found wanting.

As with all liberals he lacks conviction; that it regardless to the nonsense or sense of a particular policy he will quickly change his mind if there appears to be any public back-lash.

Time and time again we’ve witnessed Mr. Clegg sit upon his fence giving a lofty judgment on the policies of Government and only when such policies appear to curry favour with the public does he climb upon down and announce that it was all his idea.

Of course if things don’t go according to plan he’s happy to jump back on the fence in order to distance himself from any bad press and point the finger with the mortal words; ‘I told you so.’

Mr. Clegg is a classic liberal in that he’s not able to produce policy of substance and even on the rare occasion it’s passed to him he’ll consider not whether such a policy is good for the people but rather whether it will affect the public’s perception of him and the Liberal Democrat Party.

You can often tell the true nature of a person by his actions; yes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., really did have it spot on… judge a man not by the colour of his skin but rather by the content of his character.

Recently Mr. Clegg announced that he would happily take sides with either the Conservatives or the Labour Party if either needed to be politically allied in order to form the next Government.

This really does allow us to see the content of his character for Mr. Clegg is a classic wet; that is he neither has the spine nor conviction of his own ideologies and will readily jump into bed with any opponent simply to be awarded the title of Deputy Prime Minister and then set about vetoing any and all policies that might make him appear un-liberal in the public’s eyes.

It is clear that Mr. Clegg has outstayed his welcome in the coalition and it is also a foregone conclusion, come the General Election, Mr. Clegg will be forced to step down as leader of the Liberal Democrats in order to save the party further from embarrassment.

As for Mr. Clegg being called a liar; well we can only conclude that such an accusation can be liberally applied to all politicians for none appear to be able to deliver the truth for fear of public reprisal.

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