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Clegg to Announce Income Tax Cuts for 20 Million Working People

Clegg to Announce Income Tax Cuts for 20 Million Working People

CLEGG TO ANNOUNCE INCOME TAX CUTS FOR 20 MILLION WORKING PEOPLE – Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, wants the income tax threshold to rise to £10,500 and will challenge the Tories to ditch the married couples tax breaks to pave the way for an even bigger rise.

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Despite Chancellor George Osborne’s assertions that £12 billion needs cutting from the welfare budget (see opinion) and that taxation is unlikely to be cut, in order to push on with the economic recovery, Nick Clegg makes a surprise announcement that he is to attempt to force through tax cuts that would effectively give 20 million workers a £100 bonus.

It would be ridiculous to suggest that the coalition between the Tories and the Liberal Democrats are not on the same page; no such a notion is folly for the truth is they are clearly reading from entirely different books.

This is yet more confirmation that with clearly opposing views and political ideologies such could ever produce a cohesive Government that would strive to reduce the national debt and finally bring about prosperity.

What we clearly have is opposing sides that refuse to give credence to one another’s ideas which continuously leads to a stalemate with no progression.

Clearly Nick Clegg doesn’t understand austerity and certainly not the financial predicament facing Britain; that of course is not to be unexpected for here is a man born with a platinum spoon in his mouth who, when the going gets tough, can jaunt off to his family’s £7 million Swiss chalet in the Alps for a spot of skiing.

According to Mr. Clegg he wants to find £1 billion to increase the tax threshold but where’s the money coming from?  With Britain teetering on the edge of financial bankruptcy with a current debt close to £1.4 trillion how on earth can you find £1 billion to spend?

The truth is you can’t, it’s like walking into a Rolls Royce dealership and expecting to drive away in a Rolls Royce Wraith when you’re living on minimum wage; such a notion is completely and utterly delusional.

When it comes to his intention of scrapping the married couples additional tax breaks then this wouldn’t be a bad idea; after all getting married, as with having children, is a lifestyle choice that other taxpayer’s shouldn’t be burdened with.

Now that might all sound a little harsh but you need to step back and look at the facts; that is Britain is broke and unless we are all willing to pull together and remove the connotation of ‘entitlement’ then Britain will never recover.

What Britain needs now is for a unified Government, that is a single political party who is willing to take decisive measures in order to turn things around; instead of what we currently have with the in-house bickering and one-up-man’s-ship in order to appear sympathetic to the public’s plights simply to garner public support for the up and coming General Election.

As of now you can take almost anything any politician tells you with a pinch of salt for they will continue to regale you with all manner of lofty notions of economic recovery, greater prosperity and a unification of communities in order to secure your vote.

Nick Clegg, in all fairness, did state that such a tax break would only be possible if the Government can ‘responsibly’ find the means to cover the cost; that can be loosely translated however, into; “I just want to appear as the champion of the people but in fact there’s no way the treasury can find £1 billion.”

It is of course an audacious move against key Tory policy but again we are moving towards a General Election and with the Liberal Democrats losing the public vote quicker than a woodcock flitting through the woodland growth he’ll say just about anything to appear competent to boost his party’s ratings and attempt to hold on to his job as leader of the Liberal Democrat Party.

Taxation is one area that fills us all with rage; after all nobody likes to work long hours only to find that the treasury has all but stolen most of their earnings.

It’s time the British public took a history lesson and learned that the problems of today were created by our ‘entitlement’ of yesteryear and now it’s time to suffer the consequence.

No nation can continuously borrow money and think that the grass will be greener tomorrow; eventually it will come crashing down around their ears. The idea now is to recognise the issues, face them head on, stand firm and accept the fact that austerity is here to stay for a very long time.

The alternative is to fuel the blindness of ‘entitlement’ and ignorantly soldier on; the consequence of such can be seen with Greece,  although if Britain went bust it’ll make the woes of Greece look like a picnic on a Sunday afternoon…. Anyone for tea Vicar?

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