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Clegg’s Chum Lord Rennard Gets Away with Sexual Harassment Claims

Clegg’s Chum Lord Rennard Gets Away with Sexual Harassment Claims

CLEGG’S CHUM LORD RENNARD GETS AWAY WITH SEXUAL HARASSEMENT CLAIMS – Yesterday Nick Clegg was branded a coward for not punishing Liberal Democrat peer Lord Rennard over multiple sexual harassment claims that surface in February 2013.

Alistair Webster, QC, found that the peer’s behaviour had caused ‘distress’ to several women and ‘violated the personal space and autonomy of the complainants’ but there was not enough proof he had acted with ‘indecent intent’.

Read full story … Daily Mail says…

I honestly can’t say that the outcome of the inquiry is of any surprise for if you looked up the word ‘spineless’ or indeed ‘farce’ in an updated dictionary it’s likely you would see the words…’see Nick Clegg’.

One twitter user Charlotte Henry posted to her account… “Today the @libdems basically told young women that his is not an organisation for them #rennard.”  In another tweet Ms. Henry wrote… “Totally ashamed of my party.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in his poignant speech on racial discrimination said … “Judge a man not by the colour of his skin but by the content of his character.”

Apply such a notion to Mr. Clegg and Lord Rennard in what many see as nothing short of covering up Lord Rennard’s perversions, and you will see that Mr. Clegg and Lord Rennard have been suitably weighed and found wanting for any moral decency.

I’ve never been a fan of the Liberal Democrats for a number of reasons, including but certainly not restricted to the fact that there is no ‘democracy’ in their political agenda and it’s now clear that they will ‘liberally’ subvert the truth in order to protect those holding high office.

Quite frankly if either Nick Clegg or Lord Rennard had an ounce of moral fortitude they would both resign immediately but we know that’s not going to happen and therefore the public now have a clear and decisive view of who and what the Liberal Democrats are and the values, or lack of them, for which they stand.

The only practical suggestion we at could provide is for anyone holding a Liberal Democrat position or membership would be to resign it immediately so as to avoid being tainted by these two clearly disgusting human beings.

If those in the Liberal Democrat party stand by and do nothing then they remain culpable to what is little more than a cover-up.

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Lord Rennard Gets Away with Sexual Harassment