Coalition Government to Call for Extended Break Due to the Lack of Laws to Debate

by Editor | May 12, 2014 6:09 am

COALITION GOVERNMENT TO CALL FOR EXTENDED BREAK DUE TO THE LACK OF LAWS TO DEBATE – An article by the Daily Mail today states that Labour has branded the Coalition Government the ‘Zombie Government’ for they are unable to agree on anything and one that simply staggers along pointlessly.

It certainly is a fair assumption but frankly Labour has little to brag about; after all Ed Miliband is certainly opposed to the publication of the Chilcot Inquiry and he has aspirations of coming to power whereby his decisions will be handed to him by Len McCluskey.  Of course there is always a number of other factors to consider such as insisting that Britain will follow the socialist French Governments economic model and hand over the little remaining legislative powers the British Government has to the EU.


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So, Government are looking to close Parliament for an extended 19 day break; because according to them there’s nothing in the House to debate.

Looking at the comments from around the internet most people think this is absurd; unfortunately it is no such thing but rather it is testament that the EU now controls almost all of Britain’s legislation and therefore effectively the British Government is redundant… or surplus to requirements.

It is little more than a quango where it simply gives advice to EU commissioners who in turn summarily dismiss such suggestions and impose more totalitarian legislation and directives upon the British public.

We’ve already witnessed David Cameron demanding that the Queen delays her Opening of Parliament due to the fact there wasn’t enough in her prepared speech to fill out the entire programme; again, when a Government is governed by a foreign power this should come as no surprise.

With the few laws Government is able to create it’s unlikely Nick Clegg or David Cameron can come to an agreement; the inception of the Coalition in 2010 was nothing short of a bastard of a creation and one that was never going to provide any benefits for the taxpaying public.

What is going to stick in the throats of the British taxpayer is the fact that its employees are now being afforded more holiday time at their expense.  Some are arguing that they will spend this time campaigning; in plain English that would be spreading their lies and trying to convince you just how capable they are… it would be most amusing if such a notion wasn’t so offensive considering its cost the taxpayer millions of pounds and their very identity as Britain continues to be given over to EU control.

I doubt many taxpayers would argue that members of government are vastly over paid; especially considering the level of incompetence, however once again the taxpayer is going to be forced to provide them with a salary whilst they move from doing very little to exactly nothing at all.

People often ask me why I refuse to vote… isn’t it obvious?  Why vote in any political party that you have no confidence in; a vote is an enormous responsibility and until I am 100% satisfied that I will get value for money, honesty and integrity from an MP that is the day I will vote.

Yes it’s unlikely such will ever occur considering the moral standing of most politicians but to vote merely gives consent for the corruption, lies, theft and incompetence and I for one refuse to give such any support.

If you think that is rather a ridiculous position to take consider this … If you ran a small and interviewed a potential employee who detailed on his CV a history of corruption, theft, lies and a clear lack any moral integrity would you employ that person?

If you answered yes, then feel free to vote in any of the candidates from any of the major political parties for your vote will secure their employment that will ultimately cost you your money and possibly your national identity once Britain is handed over lock, stock and barrel to the EU.

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