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Coalition Rift Over Immigration Controls

Coalition Rift Over Immigration Controls

COALITION RIFT OVER IMMIGRATION CONTROLS – Business Secretary Vince Cable came out on the attack yesterday over David Cameron’s populist policies, telling reporters that Mr. Cameron was simply spreading panic in regards to immigration.

Mr. Cable accused Mr. Cameron of behaving like Enoch Powell with his infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in the 1960s.

Mr. Cable went further to admonish public sentiment stating that voters were ‘schizophrenic’ over the curbs on migration and yet were happy to take trips abroad for their holidays.

Full article … Daily Mail says …

It’s high time Mr. Cable was put out to pasture. After all here’s a man directly in charge of selling off the Royal Mail in which the Treasury lost billions due to his incompetence.

Taking Mr. Cable’s last comment, that being referring to the public as being ‘schizophrenic’ because we take foreign holidays has to be one of the most ridiculous notions we’ve ever heard.

Yes, we take holidays abroad and mix with locals and the culture, but we invariable come home after a week or two. We don’t attempt to impose our religious or culture beliefs on that nation and we certainly don’t squat in the streets committing crime and then demand the Government hands us welfare.

Note carefully that Mr. Cable used the term ‘populist policies.’ Read carefully the definition…

The terms populist and populism are also often used as pejoratives by political parties and politicians against their opponents who claim that they are merely only empathising with the public, (usually through rhetoric or ‘unrealistic’ proposals) to increase their appeal across the political spectrum. Wikipedia

In our view populist policies are what makes a democratic society; in other words the majority of the public speak out with one voice and the Government takes on-board the ‘majority’ voice and acts upon it.

Is Mr. Cable suggesting that the Government shouldn’t listen to the people?  We could suggest that’s exactly what his views are, for Mr. Cable is a liberal and like most liberals appear to have no grasp on either reality or democracy.

The Liberal view is and will always remain, ‘shut up’ when the majority speaks out against anything they oppose and will often use the defence that we are simply being racist or bigoted.


If You Do Not Support the Liberal Left-Wing View then Please Shut Up

Why did Mr. Cable attack Mr. Cameron?  For decades we’ve been carefully indoctrinated by the liberals into the ideology that we are able to create cohesive multicultural communities and anyone opposing their views is either bigoted or racist.

We now have firm evidence to suggest that this ideology is not working; mainly because we are being forced to be tolerant with those who are intolerant to our cultural heritage.

Evidence now clearly shows that communities are becoming more and more segregated, not due to the colour of a person’s skin, but simply because our ideologies on cultural and religious beliefs are not compatible.

The Liberals, such as Mr. Cable, refuse to acknowledge the failings of their policies and will constantly turn a blind eye when it comes to any form of welfare abuse, housing issues, health care problems, squatters on the streets and the rise in crime and anyone daring to mention these problems is simply labeled a racist.

Recently there have been numerous reports on the problems Britain is about to face come 1 January in which we will no longer be able to effectively monitor our borders and prevent undesirables from entering.

We have already seen the effects on attempting to integrate large numbers of people from differing cultural and religious backgrounds and it’s time we faced up to the fact that these do not work.

The British are, and remain, a highly tolerant bunch and we don’t attempt to coerce minorities into adopting our culture or religion but that notion cannot be said for the same from the so-called minorities.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and leader of the Liberal Democrats, is a fence sitter; in other words he’s not capable of making a decision for fear of being labeled a racist or bigot.

Mr. Clegg’s modus operandi is to sit and wait to see which side gains greater public approval and then with a half measure take that side – of course if such a decision turns out not to be the shining light it was hoped then he will quickly changes his views to side with the opposition.

Yesterday Mr. Clegg told reporters that it was right to ban new arrivals from claiming benefits for the first three months after arriving in the UK.  However, he went on to say that this is where he draws the line on any other forms of sanctions on migrants.

Remember this statement for it is likely come election time he’ll be whistling an entire different tune in order to garner sufficient public support so that he’s not left out on the doorstep once a new Government is formed.

Going back to Mr. Cable; he also feels that the Government’s attempt to cap EU migrants at 75,000 a year was not only impossible but also illegal and that any movement to implement such a plan would do a great deal of damage to Britain.  Mr. Cable feels that the current level of scaremongering is due to UKIP now gaining growing public support.

Despite being just over 1 week away from 1 January when the doors are finally opened we still don’t have all the facts and the Government hasn’t produced any statistics of the perceived number of immigrants planning to enter the UK.

We can now do nothing but wait and see however it is clearly evident, consider the state of Britain’s economy and growing national debt, that we cannot afford to provide welfare, housing, education and health care to what could potentially be millions of people.

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