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Colton Bridgeman: Mugger Cries in Dock After Being Sentenced to 5 Years

Colton Bridgeman: Mugger Cries in Dock After Being Sentenced to 5 Years

COLTON BRIDGEMAN: MUGGER CRIES IN DOCK AFTER BEING SENTENCED TO 5 YEARS – There are some truly despicable individuals on this planet and Colton Bridgeman, 20, is one of them for here is a drug addict who is little more than a coward.

Colton Bridgeman - Imprisoned for Mugging Old Aged PensionersIn order to fuel his addiction he took to mugging old age pensioners. The jury heard that one of his victims was a disabled pensioner who he mugged for just £10.00 as he walked along on his zimmer frame.

Another victim was a 78 year old woman who he terrorised and mugged for just £6.00.

After knocking his elderly, infirm and disabled victims to the ground he would rifle through their belongings in order to steal what he could to fuel his self-induced drug habit.

The jury was told how Colton Bridgeman ran up behind his victims in Ipswich, Suffolk and attacked them without mercy.

Prosecutor, Marcus Croskell, told the jury how intimidated and frightened Colton Bridgeman left his victims and asked the court to take into consideration no less than seven other offences.

Colton Bridgeman wept openly in Ipswich Crown Court as the jury found him guilty and the judge condemned his crime and sentenced him to a term of 5 years in a youth offenders’ institution.

Recorder Stephen Solley, QC told Colton Bridgeman after sentencing, and as he stood crying in the dock, that his actions were nothing more than ‘crimes of great cowardice’.  Mr. Solley went on to state that he was exasperated and staggered as to how anyone could commit a crime against people who were at such an elderly age and therefore unable to defend themselves.

Paul Donegan, for Colton Bridgeman defence, told the jury how he had suffered as a teenager but admitted this was no excuse for the crimes he committed.

The defence went on to state that Colton Bridgeman had been using drugs prior to committing the crimes and the crimes were perpetrated in order to fuel his drug addiction.

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