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Community Justice on the Rise

Community Justice on the Rise

COMMUNITY JUSTICE ON THE RISE – According to the Chief Inspector of Constabulary parts of the UK are fast becoming no-go areas for the police as ethnic minority communities are now operating their own system of community justice.

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Born 1870 Lord Hewart was the judge that gave the pious statement… Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done.”

It is the reason we have an open justice system; that is, with few exceptions, members of the public are openly invited into any court of law to bear witness to a trial in order to see justice being done.

So where does Lord Hewart’s statement stand in modern day justice?  Of course we now have ‘secret’ courts where members of the public are not permitted to witness nor hear the testimony from either the defendant or the plaintiff; this move was brought about primarily to protect the identities of certain individuals or protect Britain’s national interests, most notably surrounding the intelligence services and the documents they produce that are deemed unfit for public scrutiny under the Official Secrets Act 1989.

The authorities across the UK are now worried that there is a steep rise in community justice that allows serious crimes, such as rape and murder to go unreported.

We’ve already witnessed some areas of London as being purportedly under Sharia Law where Muslims patrol certain areas and exact justice on those they deem to be breaking Islamic laws; of course Sharia Law in the UK has no validity and recently three individuals were arrested and imprisoned due to their attempts to impose such upon innocent members of the public.


Muslim Patrol Trio Jailed for Attempting to Enforce Sharia Law in East London

It is of course not just Muslims that are attempting to enforce their own form of community justice for other groups of law-abiding citizens are also now taking the law into their own hands in order to administer their own form of justice.

The question here is why would any law-abiding citizen feel the necessity to close off their communities to the police and administer their own justice?

Could it be that communities now see the legal system as little more than a liberal institution that fails to punish for its ideology lies within rehabilitation?

Certainly our liberal left-wing progressive indoctrination has led us to tackle crime and criminals in a whole new way; that is the system now refuses to punish but rather sets about attempting to rehabilitate.

With the rising numbers of reoffenders many now feel that whilst the ideology of rehabilitation may have been worthy of consideration we could now acknowledge this is not working and indeed the evidence is clear when we look at the numbers of people being found guilty only to be handed a suspended sentence in which result in the offender simply being set free to engage in yet more criminal activity.

There can be no place in British society for Sharia Law for Britain is not an Islamic state but we certainly can and should change the laws in order to reinstate ‘punishment’.

One of the underlying reasons Parliament and the House of Lords refuses to provide the public with a referendum on the reinstatement of the death penalty is due to the public’s overwhelming desire to do just that; at the last count it was expected that over 65% of the public would call for the reinstatement of the death penalty if such a referendum were provided.

The death penalty, as many who oppose it have pointed out, is not a deterrent but it certainly does prevent those handed down such a sentence from ever being allowed to perpetrate such a crime that would warrant such again; it also saves a vast amount of taxpayer’s money if administered properly.

On other crimes the reinstatement of public flogging would also take care of much of the crime and certainly most believe that its reintroduction would significantly reduce the number of reoffenders.

Under the current system of imprisonment a prisoner has all manner of human rights that the prison authorities must adhere to. This has led the prisons to being seen as little more than hotels with prisoners being afforded amenities that many hard working taxpayer’s couldn’t afford.

For those who are sentenced to a term in prison it should not be viewed as a holiday away from crime but rather a time to make them understand that the public will not tolerate such behaviour in society.

Therefore all prisoners should be made to work in ‘chain gangs’ keeping the UK’s streets clean and in good repair.

Sitting a criminal down and asking them ‘oh please don’t commit more crime’ simply isn’t working and therefore it is of little surprise as to why so many communities are turning to community justice.

If the populace has little or no faith in policing and the judicial system, which consistently returns criminals to the streets unpunished, then no one should be astonished that community justice will eventually take place; the average law-abiding citizen simply does not want  to live in a crime infested cesspit.

There are however heinous aspects to community justice which can be seen in the rise of honour killings, genital mutilation, child sex abuse and domestic violence; almost all of these factors of so-called community justice are perpetrated by ethnic minorities, notably the Islamic community where Islam purportedly supports such and are not seen as crimes but rather justifiable actions under Sharia Law.

It is certainly time that the British people took a stance and demanded that our justice system undergoes a radical change so that once again justice can not only be done it can be seen to be done.

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