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Condemnation Grows as Harriet Harman Remains Silent Over Links to Peadophila Group

Condemnation Grows as Harriet Harman Remains Silent Over Links to Peadophila Group

CONDEMNATION GROWS AS HARRIET HARMAN REMAINS SILENT OVER LINKS TO PEADOPHILA GROUP – Deputy Labour Party leader, Harriet Harman, her MP husband Jack Dromey and former minster Patricia Hewitt appear curtly dismissive to the questions being raised with their connection to the Peadophile Information Exchange (PIE).

The Daily Mail recently uncovered the trio’s connection to PIE in which the group lobbied Government in the 1970s to legalise sex with children as young as four years of age; PIE claimed that providing children gave consent to engaging in sex then it should be perfectly legal.

It’s irrelevant which newspapers you pick up this morning for all are condemning Harriet Harman’s silence and calling on the Labour Party to give a full account of the Labour Party’s support of PIE in the 1970s.


Police Probe Paedophillia Group Linked to Labour Party Officials

The current level of condemnation and calls for an explanation certainly reflect the public’s distaste for what is most often viewed as crime of the highest order and even Left-wing supporters of the Labour Party and now pushing the Labour Party to come up with a full account.

The BBC remains the only one who appears disinterested in covering this story which again will leave the public asking why it should be funded by the public if it is unable, or suspiciously unwilling, to cover issues that affects and offends society in the deepest way.

The Labour supporting Sunday Mirror yesterday took the unusual step of vilifying the Labour Party with Carole Malone demanding Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt speak out and reveal their involvement in the group who lobbied Government, and received public funding, in order to have laws changed so that sex with a minor could become legal.

It’s unquestionable that their silence will be viewed as contempt for public opinion and the public’s right to know what the trio were doing with public funds.

With a General Election just a year away it might be safe to say that such an accusation greeted with a dismissive attitude will undoubtedly scupper any chances of a Labour victory; after all what member of the public with any sense of decency and moral integrity could possibly vote in a party where its deputy leaders are in favour of legalising sex with children?

Without doubt the Daily Mail uncovered a hornets’ nest of vile perversion and they are unequivocally correct to demand answers; but will these answers come and if so when?

Here are the comments being published by some of the country’s leading columnists from leading newspapers:

‘How can they ever again be taken seriously on ANY issue if they stay silent?’ Carole Malone, Sunday Mirror

‘Who would want their own good name indelibly attached to something like this?’ Barbara Ellen, Observer

‘Can you imagine how the media – and especially the BBC – would react if three current senior Conservative MPs were revealed to have had links to a paedophile group?’ Rod Liddle, Sunday Times

‘If I were Harman, Dromey or Hewitt, I’d want to set the record straight’  Kevin Maguire, Daily Mirror

Each make poignant and yet obvious statements however despite widespread condemnation the Labour Party appears to be refusing to address the issue.

From my perspective I strongly suspect this matter is all that is being discussed within the Labour Party; the disturbing element here is that their silence can only be interpreted as aversion, that being the higher echelons in the Labour Party and now working out how they can come up with a plausible explanation.

Will Labour within the next few days announce Harriet Harman’s resignation? I would say this to be a most unlikely move in the short term for such would only fuel the public’s belief that she supports peadophila and which will then cast a shadow over the entire Labour Party.

This issue is not going to simply wane or dissipate for the public will continue to demand answers and the longer Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt refuse to give a full account, the more damage it will do.

In a related article this morning on the Daily Mail, once again we are subjected to the double-standards so often bestowed upon the public by our politicians.  As the Daily Mail points out Harriet Harman became the public’s mouthpiece when the acts of Jimmy Savile were exposed; indeed Harriet Harman took every available opportunity to get in front of the press and demand a judge-led inquiry so that the truth could be revealed.  All this, as Ms. Harman at the time stated… ‘for the sake of the children’.

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