Cost of Media Bias

PJTV’s Bill Whittle discusses the cost of media bias in light of CNN’s Tea Party coverage on Tax Day.

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  • razer

    This seems to be a Tea Party video sponsored by Fox News. Everyone
    knows that the Tea Party labels everyone who does not agree with them as liberal
    or socialist which destroys their credibility for any critical thinker. The CNN
    reporter seemed to be trying to challenge perceptions with facts, not impose
    her opinion. And the presenter does a fair bit of demonizing himself. The
    present frames his argument from the very start and of course, the reporter
    under attack is unable to respond. How convenient. A study found that Fox News viewers are more misinformed about American political issues than any other channel.

    • meebal

      Each have their own brand of politics, they say they don’t but it’s obvious that they err on whatever flavour of politics fits their ideology… it’s human nature and you can’t really change it. Is it bias? Yes but there’s nothing to choose between any of them; even the articles I’ve personally written are bias… but I’ll openly admit it.