Covering Up Human Experimentation

Throughout the decades it has been well documented that the US Government and its agencies, such as the CIA, have been experimenting on human subjects; in the 1950s many military personnel were subjected to LSD so that scientists could better understand the effects.

In this documentary it uncovers numerous examples human experimentation by government on people, often the public, without their knowledge or consent.

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  • razer

    I heard this one time and one time only. I was in Paris on a business trip. It was about 5:30 pm in 1985 (I forget the month, May, I think). I was preparing to dress for an evening out and I was listening to the BBC World Service. Two doctors were interviewed. One was British, one was American. They said the HIV virus was part of an American military biological warfare experiment, first tested on prisoners in, I think, Haiti. These doctors said they were involved. The project was abandoned because there were no observable effects of the virus. Of course we know now symptoms of HIV take up to a year. I wish somebody could dig this interview out of the BBC’s archives. I figure one of two things. These doctors were trying to grab headlines and were brushed off, or there was a cover up at the highest levels. This ain’t no conspiracy theory. I was not dunk, I was not stoned, I was not taking hallucinogens. I heard what I heard.

    • meebal

      Funny you should mention this because recently we’ve had a few people email us with ‘conspiracy theories’. One thing we’ve learned is that there is no smoke without fire.

      Certainly there are cases were evidence and facts become obscure but in this particular case of a ‘New World Order’ it was suggested that the US military developed the AIDS virus in order to tackle unwanted growing populations across the African continent. How much truth there is in this particular incident is not clear but this is not the first time we’ve been handed videos that have suggested that the AIDS virus was engineered.

      It’s scary stuff and does make you wonder what our governments are up to.

      • razer

        If you have any contacts with the BBC World Service maybe you could convince them to look for that program. I tried to narrow the date and time as close as possible.

        • meebal

          We don’t. 99% of our content comes from users sharing via email; although this is now changing with our new ‘Groups’ membership.

          I’ll have a dig around and see what can be found. Might hit a few of the conspiracy sites to see what they have on the subject.

        • meebal

          Just found this on YouTube: