Cravendale Milk Ad Gets Slammed by Parent Groups

CRAVENDALE MILK AD GETS SLAMMED BY PARENTS GROUPS –  Oh dear!  When did the British public become so brainwashed into liberalism that they now find an advertisement offensive because the final catchphrase is; “Not on Our Watch Pussies”?

Companies and advertisers know that to get people’s attention they have to produce something that is entertaining, funny, serious or just plain out there.  Failure to find the right mix means that people will simply not pay attention.

Cravendale Milk is now at the center of controversy over its latest advertisement to promote its milk and all because of the catchphrase.  Parents have inundated the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) complaining that the advertising is crude, creepy and weird and should not be shown before the watershed time of 9pm, so as to reduce the impact on young viewers.

‘I am absolutely appalled at the Cravendale advert,’ Carol S, on parenting website NetMums.

According to some sources, children are now running around using the catchphrase and parents are finding this disturbing.

Seriously folk where is your sense of humor?  What happened to the British people?  Have we all turned into liberal bleeding hearts that will jump on the bandwagon of any cause that is deemed un-liberal?

For all those of you who disagree with me and feel that the advertisement is inappropriate then please stop whining about all the other REAL issues in the UK such as Education, Healthcare, Immigration, and the EU and so on, because it’s your liberal ways that allows these REAL issues to continue.

Stop just for a moment and look through, one of the few news websites that does deliver the truth, and you will quickly realize there are bigger issues out there than a silly advertisement for milk.

People, get a life… it’s a TV Ad for Milk.

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