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Creating a Collaborative Workplace by Embracing Technology

Creating a Collaborative Workplace by Embracing Technology

CREATING A COLLABORATIVE WORKPLACE BY EMBRACING TECHNOLOGY – There are very few people who can attest to being completely happy in the workplace; in fact a recent study suggested that 71% of us were miserable at work.

Considering work takes up most of our lives you might think that we would make sufficient changes to make our working lives not only just more productive but far more enjoyable.

In the video above Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft, gives a possible insight as to how the working environment could change for the better if corporations and people adopted and embraced the full empowering potential of technology and encouraged a truly open, collaborative and flexible working culture.

Certainly we are fairly closed off in that the corporate culture doesn’t embrace collaboration but rather attempts to segregate or compartmentalise work structures so that no one person ever really gets to see the how their labour, as a collective, produce a particular product.

Imagine this as a production line where only one person gets to see one particular part of the process therefore never really seeing how the product looks or works; even the person at the end of the line, despite having seen the end product has no idea how such was created.

The video above is an extremely good concept and one that many corporations could employ so that their workers could feel more engaged in the process but overall provide more satisfaction by appreciating what others do and maybe even collaborating on how to make improvements.

Work is supposed to be rewarding, not just in monetary terms.

I remain one of the lucky ones… for I wake each morning with a sense of glee at wanting to get at my computer and begin writing my opinions; these not always appreciated but that’s what makes my job so interesting because I get to collaborate with others and learn differing perspectives.

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