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Creating Artwork from Pouring Molten Aluminum into an Ant Hill

Creating Artwork from Pouring Molten Aluminum into an Ant Hill

CREATING ARTWORK FROM POURING MOLTEN ALUMINUM INTO AN ANT HILL – Less than 10 minutes ago we received an email from one of our readers who asked us if we knew what type of art work would be created if someone poured molten aluminum into an ant hill.

Our answer was ‘no’ we didn’t have a clue but then noticed a YouTube link so we decided to take a look… nothing like a little intrigue to spice up the day.

Take a look at the video above that was posted on YouTube on 22 November 2013 which has already achieved 3.1 million views.

You’ll have to be a little patient and whilst it’s only 2 minutes and 46 seconds long the first minute or so will have you shaking your head as to what would possess someone to engage in such an act.

Ant Hill Art

After finishing pouring the molten aluminum it’s obviously left to cool and then dug out of the ground.

Again it doesn’t look much of like anything; other than a big ball of dirt with some shiny aluminum bits poking through.

Now wait for it for this guy then takes a power washer and removes all the dirt and what is revealed is nothing short of stunning – it’s is completely indescribable and you simply have to watch the video above to really appreciate the stunning artwork that is created.

The only thing here is that I feel sorry for the poor little ants but when the art work is revealed you really do get to see and appreciate just how industrious ants are.

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  • Dee

    How beautiful; surprising that it was strong enough to endure a power washing. I for one, will never look at an anthill in the same way.