Crime Adviser Says Prison is an Abuse of State Power

CRIME ADVISER SAYS PRISON IS AN ABUSE OF STATE POWER – If you are shaking your head in disbelief at the heading I can assure you it is correct.  Apparently Labour’s ex crime adviser, Professor Andrew Ashworth, believes that thieves and fraudsters should not be imprisoned and doing so is simply an abuse of state power.

Professor Andrew Ashworth - Law Professor Oxford University

According to Professor Ashworth crimes, within specific offenses such as theft and fraud, should simply be dealt with by  fines, community service orders and payment made for any damages to the victim; damages being financial compensation.

You might be asking yourself if Professor Ashworth is medicated for that would be a reasonable assumption; especially when he refers to imprisonment as “an abuse of state power.”

But let’s look at this from a different angle; maybe the good Professor has a point. What good does imprisonment actually do; apart from place a criminal among other criminals in order to swap ideas and learn new criminal trade-craft?

Aside from that issue, of which there is evidence of the fact, the taxpayer has to fork out vast sums of money each year in order to keep these criminals behind bars. Therefore if we could significantly reduced the prison population the cost savings could run into billions of pounds a year.

With the cost savings we could utilize the money for education or healthcare; which both areas so desperately need extra funding.  Yes of course there is always the prospect that any cost savings would go into foreign aid in order to make Cameron look like an international humanitarian star and provide yet another despot a luxury lifestyle.

I am afraid that the system is somewhat in a mess but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed and it’s likely Cameron and the rest of the imbeciles will be ousted in 2015 – hopefully.

Professor Ashworth yesterday advised the Government that it should spare criminals the ‘pain’ of being imprisoned and that doing so in a modern age is shortsighted and clearly an abuse of state power; I am surprised the Human Rights Act 1998 wasn’t invoked but this is clearly a liberal stance.


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I cannot recount the number of times I have voiced this concern but here we go again… The trouble with society and its liberal political correctness is that it continuously attempts to portray a criminal as a victim.  That is the criminal is merely a product of a cruel and uncaring society with little or no opportunity.

Anyone believing that statement is either so far indoctrinated into the madness of political correctness or indeed consuming medication that detaches them from all sense of reality.

Professor Ashworth is currently a law professor at Oxford University; so we can assume he is a highly intelligent individual and to a degree I fully appreciate what he is saying.  As I stated earlier, imprisoning a person’s rarely accrues any benefits and costs the taxpayer vast sums of money.


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I think Britain has degraded to such a point socially that it’s time we did explore other avenues of punishment.  Professor Ashworth suggests a fine, community service and court order to pay damages.  What would be more appropriate in my view would be a fine, a court order to pay damages and a public flogging.

Yes flogging may appear barbaric but I doubt there would be many repeat offenders after being publicly flogged; it’s not just the flogging it’s also the public embarrassment.

Call it draconian, call it barbaric, in fact label it any way you like, but the truth is the current system clearly doesn’t work and if you want an ordered and respectful society then those who decide to live outside of that must be punished appropriately.

This move is another step towards making our prisons more akin to punishment and this is in addition to a ban on 18+ certificated video games that was introduced some months ago by the Government.

Have you ever been to Singapore?  Singapore is a beautiful country; it’s clean, green and safe. Yes, Singapore has its fair share of crime but crime in Singapore is dealt with swiftly and harshly.

Singapore still uses the cane as a deterrent for crime and it is by and large effective. Take a trip sometime and walk around the beautiful city, day or night, you’ll be perfectly safe and if by chance you become the victim of a crime the Singaporean authorities will ensure justice.


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Again I actually like Professor Ashworth’s idea of punishment; it is quite frankly a sensible solution to the over population of our prison system.  I think we should try new methods and I for one would initially support Professor Ashworth’s suggestions although if such punishment does not derive any significant reduction in the crimes of theft and fraud then we must then look for harsher alternatives such as the birch.

Do you think Professor Ashworth’s idea is plausible? Do you think the UK needs to provide harsher penalties for crime such as flogging? Please leave your comments below.

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