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Crimes by Foreigners on the Rise

Crimes by Foreigners on the Rise

CRIMES BY FOREIGNERS ON THE RISE – 74,000 crimes were perpetrated by foreigners last year in London alone according to Police Minister Damian Green and promises he intends to clamp down on foreigners committing crime in the UK.

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David Cameron recently pledged he would see to it that foreign criminals were not allowed to walk free in Britain and that measures were in hand to deport foreign criminals.

It is of course an admirable pledge and one that Mr. Cameron and the Police Minister Mr. Green should implement without delay.

Unfortunately as with most of Mr. Cameron’s pledges and vows to change British society for the better this is likely to fall along the wayside due to being restricted not only by current legislation but also by the monkey scratching at his back; that being the liberal left-wing progressive Nick Clegg.

Yes Mr. Cameron might well have big plans and dream of a British society whereby law and order is paramount but unless he can shake off Mr. Clegg, scrap the Human Rights Act 1998 and finally pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights then the notion of being able to deport a foreign criminal will remain simply a day dream or complete and utter folly if you like.

There is of course another fly in the ointment that being the fact that foreign countries are refusing to accept taking back their own nationals.

As we witnessed recently with the case of Joland Giwa, a notorious gangster from Croydon, south London, who was behind bars for a string of street robberies but has now been released back into British society because his country of birth is not clear and those suspected countries are refusing to accept him.

It is of course easy to berate Mr. Cameron but in all fairness this situation wasn’t of his making; that privilege goes to Tony Blair and the last Labour Government who introduced the Human Rights Act 1998 and then removed almost every barrier to entering the UK with the Borders Act 2004.

Is progress being made?  To a degree yes; in fact in the last 18 months over 1,000 foreign criminals have been successfully deported according to the Home Officer.

However look carefully at the figure; it’s just over 1,000 and yet in London alone over 74,000 crimes was committed by foreigners and a number of these not only committed serious crime they had no right of abode in the UK and yet are still permitted to remain in the UK.

According to Mr. Green the levels of crime perpetrated by foreign criminals is ‘sizable and increasing’ leaving the public vulnerable and exasperated as to why legislation cannot be changed so that law and order can once again be implemented effectively in the UK.

Again this leads us to the inevitable failings of the liberal left-wing ideology that criminals are to be viewed as victims of a cruel and uncaring society and that rehabilitation as opposed to punishment is the order of the day.

It is widely accepted that both corporal and capital punishment would be reinstated if the public were given their democratic right to vote on the subject but as long as the liberal left-wing progressives have their foot in the door such democracy will never prevail.

The Government are now intending to extend a scheme so that more foreign criminals can be detected and deported but again such a scheme is going to be opposed from the ranks and files of the liberals who will undoubtedly block any such moves under what they see as human rights abuse.

If you look carefully at the situation it is clear that law abiding citizens are not only being subjected to rising crime but are also being forced to accept it by those who refuse to allow real justice to be administered.

Will the situation get any better?  If current figures are anything to go by then the answer takes on the persona of the negative for the Home Office recently announced that some one in four foreign organised criminal gangs are now targeting Britain due to it liberal legal system.

Currently some 11,000 foreign criminals are locked up in Britain which costs the taxpayer more than £300 million a year and the number of foreigner criminals being deported has actually dropped by 14%; leaving the public with clear evidence that our liberal system of justice is failing to protect law abiding British citizens.

The Government are currently stating that the current situation is not good enough and nobody will argue with such a statement.

Again we at would call upon the Government to open up the debate of reinstating both corporal and capital punishment.  It is high time that criminals learned that crime is met with severe and unconditional punishment in order to deter and prevent reoffending.

Certainly such a measure, coupled with the scraping of the Human Rights Act and pulling out of the European Convention on Human Rights would once again allow justice to prevail but until we put aside our liberal indoctrination then not only will the British public be subjected to rising crime but it will also be saddled with the inability to take any measurable action to prevent it.

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