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Curing Britain of Welfare Entitlement

Curing Britain of Welfare Entitlement

CURING BRITAIN OF WELFARE ENTITLEMENT – You can cut the cake of welfare however you like but what is inside is not a life of prosperity, productivity and social responsibility but rather a cancer of entitlement that will prevent Britain from a sustained economic recovery and therefore prosperity.

There is not a day that goes by that some report or another isn’t carrying indignation at the Government’s continuous austerity drive; just utter the word ‘austerity’ in the streets and you’re likely to get lynched due to people being sick to the back teeth of hearing about it and being subjected to it.

The reality and truth, is that we’ve brought this upon ourselves.  We allowed Unions to infiltrate the work place under the guise of worker rights; of course we should have learned by now that the Unions are in it for themselves and have systematically destroyed productive manufacturing in Britain.

Since the downfall of industry we’ve become a nation of consumers and our expectations of being able to spend, spend, spend on credit has left Britain in a deplorable state of debt; it’s the reason now that we are subjected to so much austerity.

It’s not all bad of course, for the Chinese are having a brilliant time at our expense.  Due to their work ethic they have become the dominant global financial force; I even suspect that within 10 years the Renminbi (CYN) will replace the Dollar as the global currency.

Whilst Britain is a nation who loves to spend, the Chinese take a far more pragmatic approach; that is if they want to buy a particular item then they will save until they can afford it… a Brit on the other hand will happily sign any contract regardless to the cost in interest payments.

We’ve not only managed to destroy our own source of income, we appear almost nonchalant about it, for our views appear to be one of ‘entitlement’ to welfare – a notion that will if unchallenged, sweep us into the history books alongside Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

It never ceases to amaze me that no sooner does someone criticise Britain then the hordes of flag waving patriots come crawling out of the woodwork declaring Britain to be a ‘Great’ country… seriously could you be any more delusional.

What are we if not great?  The horrible reality and truth is that we are pretty stupid for most have no idea what is happening to the British economy.  On top of that we can add to the list ‘lazy’.

Yes, we have massive youth unemployment because they are simply too bone idle to get off their backsides and work… of course we’ll just blame this on the immigrants taking all the jobs, for this is much easier and defends the right to our entitlement of welfare.

Yesterday, bosses from Marks and Spencer met with key government figures in order to discuss the problem of youth unemployment.  M&S concluded that youngsters do not see employment as anything worthwhile or beneficial – why work when there’s free money available appears to be the mindset.

The cancer, according to M&S, is the ‘entitlement’ culture to welfare which prevents young people from taking up gainful employment; work in some quarters of our society is actively frowned upon due to the ease of access to welfare.

M&S continues to run their apprenticeship programme in order to get more young people working in which on-the-job training will allow them to aspire to greater things; however, Tanith Dodge, the company’s Make Your Mark programme director stated that many youths coming for an interview couldn’t decide if employment was in fact a worthwhile pursuit.

A little over a year ago I was made redundant; the firm I worked for went bust because it could no longer compete with its Chinese counterparts – wages were far too expensive and the unions refused to relax their grip.

At 48 years of age my prospects weren’t exactly rosy but I refused to sign up for any type of welfare; I simply didn’t want to be part of the growing problem as the taxpayer has enough on their plate without me adding to it.

You might think I was pretty bitter at losing my job to some faceless Chinese manufacturer but contrary to this belief, I in fact had admiration for them; after all the Chinese Government and their people are prepared to sacrifice certain social elements, such as welfare, lower wages, no union interference and so forth in order to build a prosperous nation.

In contrast to the Chinese, the British simply berate their Government for not supplying them with more of what they feel ‘entitled’ to.  It is of course madness but there appears no end in sight to our greed or indeed insanity.

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) there are some 2.39 million people unemployed in the UK; this figure was last compiled in October 2013.

Of these unemployed, some 870,000 have been unemployed for over a year and over 440,000 people have been unemployed for over two years.

Some 941,000 of the unemployed consist of young people between the ages of 16 to 24 who the Government classifies these as NEETs – Not in Education, Employment or Training.

Earlier this month the Government also released figures on unemployed families who were raking in vast sums from the taxpayer; it announced that some 50 families across the UK were actually receiving benefits totally almost £70,000 a year.

The revelations of welfare and indeed growing benefit fraud, which alone cost the taxpayer nearly £1.5 billion this year, prompted the Government to introduce benefit capping meaning that no family should receive more than £26,000 a year.

This of course caused outraged some quarters of the public and Government Ministers, none more so from the Liberal quarter of Government who appears more than happy to continue supporting entitlement despite the devastating consequence such a notion is having on the prosperity of the nation.

For some, such as Nick Clegg, he appears more than happy to see Britain go the same way as Greece just so he can declared that he hasn’t compromised his social ideologies; regardless of how reckless these might be.

It is a wonderful notion that you can have an ideology and are willing to stick to the principles but the likes of Nick Clegg are wealthy enough to simply walk away when it all collapses and Britain burns; as it did with Greece.

It’s time to reassess our priorities and realise that welfare is a cancer and unless we are prepared to cut away most forms of welfare then the prognosis for the patient, that being Britain, is not one of health, longevity and prosperity but rather a funeral that will take place in the not too distant future.

If I, at the age of 48, can lose a job and then get off my backside to be productive then surely our youth and other unemployed citizens can do the same.

It is time not to cut benefits but to eradicate them altogether. If a Romanian can work on minimum wage, then so can we and it’s time we looked a little more closely at China and realised how their prosperity was handed over, lock, stock and barrel by a lazy nation that considers itself entitled to everything without having to work for it.

Put away your flag, for you no longer have the right to wave it in the faces of those who do love this country and are prepared to work for little just so they can say they tried to be part of the Britain’s solution and not part of its demise.

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