Czech Family Jailed for Defrauding the Taxpayer in Benefits Scam

CZECH FAMILY JAILED FOR DEFRAUDING THE TAXPAYER IN BENEFITS SCAM – Three members of an Eastern European family who flew ‘benefit tourists’ into the UK to illegally claim £750,000 in tax credits were jailed today.

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I wonder what it will take before this madness is brought to an end?  There isn’t a day that goes by without some news of Romas or others from the Eastern Block committing crime in the UK; often involving defrauding the benefits system at the taxpayer’s expense.

The truth is that the Government and indeed the public have become nonchalant regarding this type of crime; it’s as if it has actually become acceptable.

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Ringleaders: Julius Ziga, left, 34, and Magdalena Ferkova, right, 33, brought Czechs and Slovaks to claim child tax credits in Britain then continued collecting the cash after the foreigners returned to Eastern Europe

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Also jailed: Iveta Ferkova, 32, left, and Jan Lacko, 39, right, were part of the gang which managed around 50 fraudulent child tax credit claims to pocket up to £33,000 a week, much of which was gambled away

Reading the reader’s comments on the Daily Mail was interesting in that a few people actually gave a number of possible solutions; such as forcing the Czech Government to repay the stolen money and indeed charging them for the upkeep of these criminals whilst serving their time in prison.

Note carefully that only three members of this Eastern European gang have been sent to prison; this is due to a fourth member fleeing, although an international arrest warrant has been issued – as if that’ll bear any fruit.

As for the other three, they have been sentenced to a total of 12 years; so effectively 4 years a piece.

It’s no doubt comforting to know that three criminals who stole a total of £750,000 and blew the lot on flash cars and gambling are now living the life of luxury in one of HM Hotels… err that’s a prison for those not familiar with the term.

Yes for the next 8 months they’ll be able to lounge around and watch cable TV all day whilst we make sure they don’t go hungry.  On top of that if they get bored there’s also a wide variety of recreational activities at their disposal.

I know what you are thinking… you think I made a typo with the statement of the ‘for the next 8 months’.  I’m sorry to disappoint your powers of perception my dear Watson but the truth is these lot will be out in about 8 months; 12 at the most.

When they are released we won’t be able to deport them for that will be against their human rights and we certainly won’t be able to restrict any housing benefits or unemployment benefits that they will be entitled too.

Take a look around the internet by doing a search on the key phrase ‘get rich quick’.  I guarantee you that 95% of the search results will involve articles telling you that such schemes are simply scams – that is someone will con you into buying some worthless ebook showing you how to become an instant millionaire.

Yes 99.99% of all such schemes are indeed a scam but here’s a get rich quick scheme that does work…

Chuck your job – that’s the first step.  Frankly working 40 hours plus a week on minimum wage is a farce.

Just think about it; you’ll never have to do another day’s work in your life and in the process you won’t have to pay tax which others are allowed to steal.  Sounds great doesn’t it.

Claim Benefits – now that you’re out of a job you can claim benefits. Don’t worry about the welfare officer telling you that you don’t qualify, for there’s a good chance they are violating your human rights.

Now this is actually part one of your road to riches.  What you really want is for the welfare officer to tell you that you are not eligible.

All you need now is a lawyer who will sue the Welfare Department for breaching your human rights.

Don’t worry if your case is thrown out of court for that just means when the Government / taxpayer is finally forced to pay out the pay day will be even bigger.

How does that work?  That’s easy for if a court denies your claim then there’s the EU courts to fall back on and they love nothing more than forcing the taxpayer to cough up.

Bingo!  That’s your first pay day.

Life of Crime – I know you’re the honest type but I assure you that honesty in the current political climate doesn’t work.  If you think that’s a little far-fetched then ask an MP or Minister; after all they really know how to fleece the taxpayer.

On that note the ultimate criminal guru will be the MEPs but these are elusive creatures that guard their schemes of scamming the taxpayer very closely so getting any information out of them will be difficult.

So what type of crime should you commit?  Take your pick really. Fraud is always a good one and I’m sure the Roma’s above will testify to that.  Let’s be honest £750,000 for less than a year inside, in what is little more than a luxury hotel, is a pittance to pay for such a vast sum of money.

If you don’t really fancy the prospect of going to prison don’t worry too much for the latest statistics indicate that you’ll have to be convicted no less than 15 times before you’re finally sent off to the health spa.

You might be lucky and rarely get caught but if you are then simply well-up a few tears for the judge and announce that you are a victim of an uncaring society with little, if any, opportunity – that should do the trick in getting rewarded with a suspended sentence.

If you do find yourself in a sticky situation in court again, don’t stress for HM Prisons are already over-crowded with all the other Roma and foreign criminals taking a break from crime so the chances are you’ll never see the inside of a prison cell.


Crime does pay and the larger the crime the better off you’ll be.  We now live in a society where it is deemed inhumane to punish people and therefore the remit is geared towards rehabilitation.

Unfortunately rehabilitation is so popular among criminals that they keep re-offending so they can get more of it; this is turn restricts you being able to get access to a well deserved break at the resorts they call prisons.

Are you really one of the millions of hard working taxpayers who is sick to the back teeth of this type of crime being committed?  Are you really fed up with having to support foreign criminals?

Then you have no choice but to revolt; it’s time to make a stand for the Right of Free Movement is but weeks away and the gates at the Eastern Blocks are collapsing under the weight of people waiting to get out and come to Britain.

It’s time to down tools – simply refuse to go to work; after all why bother? For what? To pay taxes for foreigners to steal and then have your Government tell you that they are raising taxes to stay afloat and tell you it’s inhumane to punish criminals?

It’s time to bring this Government to its knees and remind it who their bosses really are; that being the hard working taxpayer.

Do nothing and then accept the status quo for what Britain is witnessing at present will seem like a Utopian dream once we open the floodgates.

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