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Daily Mail Uncovers More Disturbing Links Between the NCCL and PIE

Daily Mail Uncovers More Disturbing Links Between the NCCL and PIE

DAILY MAIL UNCOVERS MORE DISTURBING LINKS BETWEEN THE NCCL AND PIE – There are many people who despise the Daily Mail, it’s editors, columnist and journalists views, but that of course could be said of any news corporation.

As with meebal.com, although we merely deal with opinions on the news, the Daily Mail is subjected to public ridicule time and time again and there can be no arguing that it’s impossible to please everyone and within any single article BY capturing the sentiment of all that reads it.

Over the last week the Daily Mail, like a Pitball with a bone, has written several articles on the issue of Deputy Labour Leader Harriet Harman, her husband MP Jack Dromey and former minister Patricia Hewitt all being part of the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) which had close ties to the Paedophile Information Exchange group (PIE).

Despite widespread condemnation that the NCCL funded PIE, Harriet Harman and the other two refused to answer any of the Daily Mail’s questions.

Yesterday it was finally announced that Harriet Harman broke silence after weeks of abstaining but instead of the public being issued with an apology, Harriet Harman simply retorted that this was nothing more than a politically motivated smear campaign and even accused the Daily Mail of attempting to accuse her, her husband and Patricia Hewitt as being supporters of PIE’s campaign to change the law so that it became lawful to engage in sexual activities with children.


Harriet Harman Finally Breaks Silence on Links to Paedophile Group

Of course that wasn’t actually the case, the Daily Mail simply wanted answers as to their involvement of funding PIE thought the NCCL – not once did the Daily Mail accuse them of being paedophiles or supporters of it but rather pushed Harriet Harman to answer the question as to why the NCCL would in fact affiliate itself to an organisation with such vile intentions.

The fact that the NCCL was affiliated to PIE is undeniable; the question is not whether Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey or Patricia Hewitt were in favour of PIE’s ideology but rather why it was funded and why hasn’t the public been furnished with a suitable apology?

Harriet Harman’s response wasn’t the smartest move she’s ever made for her indignation and contempt for public accountability has only led the Daily Mail to do a lot more digging and what they have uncovered is quite frankly astoundingly deplorable.

One of the key members of PIE was none other than Geoffrey Prime; a man who would have been delighted if PIE had succeeded in changing the law for here was the personification of evil; a man who not only delighted in raping young children but was also one of the UK’s biggest traitors during the Cold War with Russia.

Geoffrey Prime was just one of the many members of PIE who was finally convicted and sentenced to 38 years for betraying his country for whilst working for the RAF and GCHQ, he passed on sensitive intelligence secrets to the KGB over a period of 14 years.

The Daily Mail’s view, and one that will no doubt be mirrored by the public, is that here was a man who felt that a paedophiles repellent activities were validated as a result of PIE’s affiliation to the NCCL and at a time when Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt all had key roles within the NCCL; in other words they could have put a stop to it.

The Daily Mail goes on to state that during the trial of Geoffrey Prime questions were being raised in Parliament as to how many other PIE members posed a serious threat to Britain’s national security; you might have thought at that point the NCCL would have suitably severed all ties however, strong is the pull of liberal indoctrination and woe betide any who dare soil the hallow grounds of liberal ideology regardless to how vile its campaigns might be.

According to the Daily Mail there are no records of the NCCL, or Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt, expressing any concern or regret for their links with PIE or its association with vile paedophiles and traitors such as Geoffrey Prime.

There is of course far more to this story and it’s a must read for anyone who has been following this issue… read: Daily Mail

From our perspective this goes beyond, as Jack Dromey stated yesterday, ‘beneath contempt’.

Whilst Mr. Dromey was evidently pointing the finger at the Daily Mail our view is that the contempt is rather one that takes on the persona of public contempt for once again we witness government figures attempting to subvert the truth, bury it under the persona of a political smear campaign.

I for one hope that this particular issue continues to be explored in the hopes that Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt will be sufficiently shamed into telling the whole truth and issuing a public apology… right after they are relieved of any positions being held in Government.

It is clear we have sufficient liars and those who work for their own ends within government without having witness such vile behaviour being protected from within the brotherhood of politicians; namely Ed Miliband who yesterday came out to defend Harriet Harman with the notion that she holds the highest levels of integrity in her position.

If that is the case then maybe Harriet Harman shouldn’t have stayed silent for so long for if you have nothing to hide then telling the truth is an incredibly simple act.

More news coming out on this issue:

Firstly, a number of ministers are now calling for a state probe after evidence has emerged that the papers were shredded that supports claims that PIE was funded by the NCCL – read article

Secondly,  Harriet Harman has come out to express her regrets but still refuses to apologise – read article

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