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Danish Priest Hangs an Elf Outside His Church as He Declares them Workers of Satan

Danish Priest Hangs an Elf Outside His Church as He Declares them Workers of Satan

DANISH PRIEST HANGS AN ELF OUTSIDE HIS CHURCH AS HE DECLARES THEM WORKERS OF SATAN – We’ve been telling our kids for generations that Elfs are Santa’s little helpers and without them Father Christmas wouldn’t possibly be able to cope; after all there’s nearly 7 billion of us on the planet and there are only so many hours in a day… er, night.

According to Farther Jon Knudsen in Denmark, Lxkken, he states that it’s wrong to teach our children that Santa’s helpers are Elves, for these are the workers of the Devil himself and as such should never be linked to Jesus.

In order to get his point across to his parishioners Farther Knudsen created an Elf and strung it up by its neck from a bracket that is made in the fashion of the gallows on the wall of his church.

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Strung around the Elf’s neck is also a sign which when translated reads ‘‘We renounce the devil and all his deeds and all his being”.

Farther Knudsen told reporters he was tired of parents giving wrong or mixed messages to children and that they should know the truth…Elves are evil and work for the devil.

According to Farther Knudsen’s findings, Elves historically were the minions of Satan and therefore should never be associated with a Christian festival.

In Scandinavian folk lore Elves were evil spirits that would infect the home and could only be banished by a priest skilled in the art of exorcism; a service that Farther Knudsen offers for those plagued by Elves.

Some have called Farther Knudsen’s recent antics a little bizarre and even putting a dampener on the whole Christmas season as so many thought Elves where good little chaps who worked tirelessly, probably on minimum wage without a decent pension scheme, just to ensure all the good little boys and girls got what their little hearts desired for Christmas.

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Farther Knudsen sincerely believes that Elves are evil and he’s been hanging Elves since 2010, to show that attempting to mix Elves with the good of Christmas is just not right and that people should never worship false idols.

Well I don’t know about you but that’s put a dampener on my Christmas turkey. I’ve even got a Christmas stocking with a lovely little Elf at the top; I’m never going to be able to look at him in the same way again.

As for Farther Knudsen’s ideology of worshiping false idols well I could write a whole book on the evils of religion, but hey it’s Christmas and there’s enough bad news in the world without traveling that road.

Regardless to your views, my little Elf on my Christmas stocking will remain a pleasant and fun part of my Christmas activities.

I dread to think what Farther Knudsen has to say about Rudolph… heaven help us, whatever next… probably EU legislation stating you can’t have a Partridge in a Pear Tree due to issues of animal cruelty.

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