David Cameron Breaks His Promise to Deport Criminals

DAVID CAMERON BREAKS HIS PROMISE TO DEPORT CRIMINALS – Yet another promise made to the voting public during his campaign has been broken and I for one don’t see any shocked faces around the room.  In fact the consensus appears to be ‘whatever!’

British people would pull out of Europe if given a referendum today

Is this it?  Is this the attitude that the British people have towards our government?  Have we become so used to liars running our country that we no longer care?

Is David Cameron a liar or is he simply inept at getting his cabinet to do his bidding?  We never had that much of a problem under Margaret Thatcher’s rule.

Say what you like about the woman but there is no denying she ruled her cabinet with an iron rod, hence the term the Iron Lady.

Cameron, in my view is a liar.  You simply cannot tell the public one thing and then do the opposite, that is an untruth and therefore an outright lie.

During David Cameron’s campaign to lead the country he promised the British people that he would ‘personally intervene’ in order to rid the country of immigrants that broke the law.

However since that little speech the number of criminals being deported has dropped by 13% and according to his speech it should have risen to over 80%.  Not exactly what the British people were fed was it?

Can we really level all the blame on David Cameron?  If you look at his job description you would have to conclude that he is to blame.  He is, after all in his own words, the ‘one in charge’ and yet this coalition government rarely wishes to play with the same ball.

Wait just a minute, before we decide to lynch David Cameron fully.  One aspect that does have to be taken into consideration is the mess that Tony Blair left behind.  It was after all during his term of service that the Human Rights Act was created, which in effect stops criminals being deported and the Borders Act which simply let all the criminals in.

So maybe we can conclude that it’s not David Cameron’s entire fault.  But wait just a moment, let’s not be rash here.  Who is David Cameron?  That’s right he is the duly elected Prime Minster of the UK, elected by the people to serve the people and didn’t he say that he would ‘personally intervene’ in the matter of deporting criminals.  Yes he did and therefore he lied.

David Cameron does have the power to change the Human Rights Act.  He also has the power to pull out of the EU and he certainly has the power to close our borders.  So why hasn’t anything changed – or should I say why hasn’t anything changed for the better?

The honest answer?  David Cameron, like any other politician, is inept and first and foremost a liar.  He, like any politician, will feed the public the information and promises they want to hear and the public are forever hopeful that one day an elected Prime Minister and Government will actually make good on those promises.

So how bad are things?  Did you know that there are now over 10,000 foreign prisoners, all living the high life  in our prisons and not one of them are likely to be deported, because of the Human Rights Act; which David Cameron won’t scrap?

Right now it’s costing you, the British taxpayer, over £500 million a year to house all these foreign criminals.

This is rather contrary to David’s statement to the people that he would personally see to it that foreign criminals were deported and made to spend their sentence in their own country.  Au contraire; the fact is even those who are deported simply turn around and come back and are given handouts from the public purse.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say that David and his merry band of cabinet ministers are rated somewhere south of 1 and being a liar I can guarantee you that it’s not going to get any better.I am still amazed how Tony Blair has never seen the inside of The Hague for his war crimes that not only murdered Iraqis but also send thousands of our troops to their death.

What you don’t believe me?  Now that I have firmly established that David Cameron is a liar I can also tell you he’s into Blackmail.  What, you think that defamatory or even libellous?

Lord forbid I would engage in such a thing without the evidence to back it up.  It is, after all, only defamatory or libellous if it is not true.

Wasn’t it David Cameron who offered the British people a referendum on Europe if he is re-elected in the next General Election of 2015?  Yes it was, so was it this another lie, or simple a form of blackmail?

A spade is a spade and David is what he is… A politician.  If you think for one moment that David cares about the UK then you are wrong.  If he cared about Britain and its people he wouldn’t have lied and he certainly wouldn’t have to blackmail us into voting him back in with a pledge of an EU referendum.

All of the problems the UK has right now could be resolved, but it would take a person, duly elected, with a will of iron and morals.  This, I am afraid you won’t find any of these attributes in the people currently governing this country.

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