David Cameron Comforts Woman Who Collapsed in the Street

by Editor | May 13, 2014 2:17 am

DAVID CAMERON COMFORTS WOMAN WHO COLLAPSED IN THE STREET – An article in the Daily Mail this morning describes how David Cameron and Boris Johnson were on a day campaign trail when a woman collapsed in the street.

The report states that Mr. Cameron ordered his driver to pull over; he got out and held the woman’s hand to comfort her whilst paramedics were on their way.

In our view Mr. Cameron’s action should be applauded but should not be made into anything other than a simple action of humanitarianism and civic duty that any other passer-by should have performed just because he happens to be the Prime Minister.

The public needs to come to grips with the fact that David Cameron is not an extraordinary person nor should he be place on some social pedestal; he is after all nothing more than a member of the public and one that is merely employed by the taxpayer.

What Mr. Cameron did was simply the right and moral thing to do and again anyone in the street would have done exactly the same thing.

We often hear of how despised Mr. Cameron is; that is the public have little or no faith in his ability to run the country nor do have any trust in what he has to say. That in itself is not unsurprising considering the catalogue of lies, attempting to shield his friends from being sacked, employing old school friends and breaking very pledge he made during his electoral campaign in 2010.

The animosity towards Mr. Cameron becomes quite transparent when you look at this particular incident for the comments around the web refrain in giving much in the way of praise but rather simply allowed members of the public to ridicule him further.

Many are saying the incident was merely a planned public relations stunt and one even went further by stating that the poor woman would have had a heart attack if she’d woken up and found the likes of Mr. Cameron holding her hand for nothing could be more frightening.

Another commenter stated that she hoped the poor woman recovers and that she remembers to wash her hands thoroughly.

The comments did in fact get more sinister with one asking if Mr. Cameron took her watch and rings for he has certainly stripped the shirts off the backs of the taxpayer.

From the comments it is clear that Mr. Cameron is not admired nor is he liked and unless a miracle occurs then it’s likely the public will show him the door at the outcome of the 2015 General Election.

Of course there is the ‘human’ side to this for despite Mr. Cameron being a politician it’s likely the comments will affect him in some way.  Might it be a good idea for Mr. Cameron to fully take on-board what the public are saying and how they perceive him and then work towards mending the bridges by doing something constructive?

He could start with a simple apology for denying the people their democracy and once that’s out of the way initiate an immediate referendum on our membership with the European Union.

Yes, as with all politicians that is never going to happen for one they don’t know how to apologies or rather refuse to do so because they honestly think they are above the taxpaying public and secondly a politician, regarding effecting any type of change, will simply user the same old rhetoric, ‘it’s not as easy as that’.

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