David Cameron Makes Concessions to Rush Through Snooping Law

David Cameron Makes Concessions to Rush Through Snooping Law

THE GUARDIAN – David Cameron abandoned his year-long resistance to tightening the accountability of the security services as the price for winning Liberal Democrat and Labour support for emergency surveillance laws.

Standing alongside Nick Clegg, the prime minister unveiled emergency laws, to be bundled through parliament in days, designed to shore up the powers of spies, police and government agencies. But Cameron agreed to a “sunset clause” time-limiting the bill to 2016, a full-scale review of intercept laws, a new oversight board and restrictions on the number of public bodies that can make use of surveillance data.

Ministers said the apparent sudden need for new laws stemmed partly from a European court of justice (ECJ) ruling in April restricting state access to citizens’ data. They also warned that foreign-based phone and internet companies were imminently going to stop handing over the content of individual communications in response to UK warrants.

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