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David Cameron’s Foreign Aid Policy Continues to Infuriate Taxpayers

David Cameron’s Foreign Aid Policy Continues to Infuriate Taxpayers

DAVID CAMERON’S FOREIGN AID POLICY CONTINUES TO INFURIATE TAXPAYERS – It is globally accepted that China is now the world’s economic superpower; not only are the Chinese highly industrious, they are also a nation of savers.

In a recent world economic report it was noted that whilst average British citizen saved nothing of the monthly income, the Chinese saved on average over 40%; this figure was despite the fact that the average Chinese worker earned less than 50% to that of the UK counterparts.

Yes, China is a ‘cash rich’ country and it is their money that has propped up the UK, the U.S and indeed many other countries with cheap borrowing.

Just days ago China, to their credit, successfully landed a probe on the moon which now clearly shows just how technically capable they are as a nation and of course, the funds available to them for undertaking such a programme.

So, what on earth does China’s on-going success have to do with David Cameron and his Foreign Aid Policy?

I doubt this will come as much of a surprise considering the level of incompetence in Government but it has just transpired that the British taxpayer is handing over £27 million in aid to China every year.

David Cameron in China

China of course is not alone, there are in fact 14 other countries that the British Government hands over foreign aid to that are considered ineligible to receive such funds; unfortunately as we have learned, when it comes to public money Ministers, MPs and indeed even our own Prime Minister has no concern how it is wasted.

How bad can it really get?  You must remember the trip that Mr. Cameron took to China recently with a number of his friends?  According to Mr. Cameron it was a mission of trade, investment and further co-operation between Britain and China.

The real truth of the matter was far more shameful for Mr. Cameron really went begging for investment in order to fund Britain’s ailing infrastructure – yes Mr. Cameron is happy to waste billions of taxpayer’s money on foreign aid and then go scrounging to pay for infrastructure that we can no longer afford.

It’s not surprising to see how quickly Government officials can react to public outrage and their excuse for giving China £27 million was to assist China in combating climate change and further help economic growth.

Yes, unfortunately that’s the best they could come up with which is nothing short of farcical when it is clear that China doesn’t need the money.

One Tory MP Peter Bone has called on the International Development Secretary Justine Greening to explain why taxpayer’s money was continuously supplied to China and the other 14 nations judged ineligible.

Justine Greening - Image 2

As yet Justine Greening hasn’t provided an answer but in all fairness when it was discovered that she was writing out cheques to Pakistan in order to provide them with a squadron of new fighter jets, something that Britain cannot afford, she never gave an answer to that either.

Now you must remember the ‘Bongo Bongo’ remark that UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom made that started an international row.

Mr. Bloom was simply asking why the British taxpayer was being financially raped in order to prop up despot dictators and their regimes whilst the average taxpayer was struggling to put food on the table.

The Government, in order to save any embarrassment to the uncovering of yet more wasted public funds, did what it does best; lie to the public through the creative efforts of the numerous spin doctors.

The result was that the public’s attention was averted from the real issue of foreign aid and shifted to labeling Mr. Bloom a racist and a bigot.

At the time we were appalled that the BBC, Channel 4 and practically all the national newspapers refused to address the real issue and so we took the step of contacting Mr. Bloom which resulted in him producing an article on the issues of foreign aid and the vast sums of taxpayer’s money that is wasted each and every year.

Read – Foreign Aid, by Godfrey Bloom

It was back in 2010 that David Cameron told the taxpaying public that foreign aid payments to China were to be stopped because it was simply not justifiable to send millions to an economic superpower – it is now crystal clear that Mr. Cameron has yet again been caught out lying to the electorate; seriously if he’s re-elected in 2015 it will simply confirm that the British public have either lost their marbles entirely or that they simply no longer care about themselves or indeed Britain.

We’ve talked here about China being an ‘economic superpower’, but what exactly does that mean?  China’s growth, through its people’s determination to work hard and save, has now produced one of the world’s largest cash reserves.

Whilst Britain languishes in a sea of debt to the tune of nearly £1.4 trillion, the Chinese are sitting on cash reserves of approximately US$2 trillion – now maybe the British public will understand the difference between a culture that over-spends and considers welfare to be an entitlement to a country where its population saves and that welfare is almost none existent.

It has become clear that Britain can no longer afford to be giving money away, regardless of how unfortunate a particular plight may be; for Britain itself is massively in debt and the only way Britain can continue to give is to borrow more money from cash rich nations such as China.

The reality is that the International Development Secretary Justine Greening shouldn’t have a job at all for the International Development Fund should no longer exist – obviously Ms. Greening is not the sharpest pencil in the box for she wouldn’t be writing out public cheques to a country whose cash reserve far exceed our national debt – much to our shame.

Come the next General Election, and if you really give a damn, then you might want to look closely at which political parties have Britain’s interests at heart and not that of every other despot regime or cash rich nations such as China.

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