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Dear Santa, All I Want For Christmas Is….One Boy’s Christmas Wish

Dear Santa, All I Want For Christmas Is….One Boy’s Christmas Wish

DEAR SANTA, ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS … ONE BOY’S CHRISTMAS WISH – December 25th is just around the corner and many people are busy buying and wrapping gifts for friends and family.  Those with young children work hard to make this time of year “magical” and for nearly every child that means a visit to see Santa Claus.

Six year old Christopher Kiezek is no different; he loves being outdoors doing boy things like riding his bike or fishing and with his infectious smile and bright eyes you may not notice right away that Christopher was born missing part of his left arm.

One Boy's Christmas Wish

This year when Christopher paid a visit to Santa there were only two things he wanted: an Xbox One and a prosthetic arm with fingers so he could play it.  That’s pretty humbling considering most of us become greedy little monsters when the holidays roll around; as though this is the last chance we’ll ever have to get all the things we denied ourselves throughout the year.

About now you are probably wondering why this little guy needed to ask Santa for an arm; after all, where are his parents?  Well, both of his parents work and have been trying to get a new prosthetic arm for Christopher after he outgrew the one he had, but are repeatedly told “no” by their insurance company who has based it’s decision on the idea that a prosthetic arm is not medically necessary for Christopher.  How’s that for compassion!

A prosthetic arm costs $45,000 or more which makes it a huge expense for the family and they earn too much to qualify for assistance. Christopher is now in school and without a prosthetic is being challenged physically in ways that are new to him and although his friends do not make his appearance an issue, he is old enough to be aware when other people notice and to see their expressions.

When family friend, Robert Jackson overheard Christopher’s request to Santa, he knew in his heart something needed to be done and decided to reach out to the public with Christopher’s story and the response has been tremendous.  Jackson set up an online donation site Wednesday, was featured on the news earlier this morning and at the time of this writing, $40,886 has been raised.

Due to the overwhelming response, the Keizeks and the Jacksons plan to start a not-for-profit in Christopher’s name, to benefit children of families who have found themselves in the same situation.  In an interview with MailOnline, Mr. Jackson said, “We want to pay it forward…We’re just trying to make a little dent.”

Jackson says he is looking forward to being able to give the Keizek’s a check on Christmas Eve, making Christopher’s wish come true and proving that miracles do still happen.

If you would like to help make Christopher’s wish come true, you can donate on

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