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Denis MacShane and Vicky Pryce a Match Made in Dishonesty

Denis MacShane and Vicky Pryce a Match Made in Dishonesty

DENIS MACSHANE AND VICKY PRYCE A MATCH MADE IN DISHONESTY – The ex-wife, an ex-convict, of ex-convict Chris Huhne, Vicky Pryce has announced that she’ll be standing by her convicted criminal boyfriend ex-MP Denis MacShane after he was jailed for stealing £13,000 of the taxpayer’s money.

Sentenced to just six months, for what could easily be seen as nothing less than treason, Denis MacShane will join a long line of thieves and liars roaming Whitehall.

Of course if Denis MacShane’s sentence runs along the same lines as Vicky Pryce and ex-husband, ex-convict, ex-MP Chris Huhne then he’ll be out in about six weeks.

Denis MacShane and Vicky Pryce

Birds of a feather certainly do flock together and Vicky Pryce’s decision to standby her boyfriend will come as little or indeed no surprise for the austerity strapped taxpayer.

I doubt very much if Denis MacShane is the only MP who is fiddling their expenses, after all Whitehall is full of lairs and if you scratch a liar you’ll definitely find a thief and Denis MacShane is just another in the long line of liars and thieves we’ve become all to accustomed to seeing in Government.

Vicky Pryce is now hoping that their romance will endure the six long months of imprisonment, but she already knows that it’ll be just six weeks or less so it’s hardly much to endure for ripping off the taxpayer of £13,000.

Vicky Pryce’s relationship with Denis MacShane has once before had to endure a period of separation for they started their relationship just before she, along with her ex-husband, were imprisoned for perverting the course of justice; both got 8 months and both were out in just 8 weeks.

As Denis MacShane was convicted and sentenced by a judge to 8 months he had the audacity to say ‘cheers’ and ‘quelle surprise’.  This clearly indicated he knew he was a thief who got caught with his sticky fingers in the public purse and yet appeared nonchalant at the verdict and period of imprisonment.

Of course Denis MacShane knew full well that he won’t serve that long and once released the ‘old boys’ network’ will be waiting at the prison gates to once again welcome him back into the fold… it’s as if being imprisoned is some sort of rite of passage for someone working in Government and clearly shows the level of moral ethnics (being zero) employed within the halls of power.

During his time as Minister for Europe, under Tony Blair, Denis MacShane continued to submit bogus expenses through a company he set up under a false identity and used no less than nine different spellings of his name so that accounting officials would think that the paperwork had been complied by others.

At his sentencing Mr. Justice Sweeney told Denis MacShane this his considerable and repeated dishonesty had clearly reduced confidence in our priceless democratic history.

To be honest I balked at Mr. Justice Sweeney’s lofty notions, for in the first instance I doubt you would find an honest politician among the lot of them and as for democracy… well let’s just say the public simply has the right to vote in the next dictator for no matter who is elected they certainly won’t be listening to the public; most are far too busy stealing from the taxpayer.

Denis MacShane of course is not like any other garden variety thief; here is a man the people placed their trust in to hold office at the highest order and for the collective good.

Of course once things started to unravel he did what any politician would do… blame the press for publishing unpleasant articles on him and accusing the press further of invading his privacy.

No politician has the right to privacy in our view… if you sign up for a public job then you must be, at all times and in every aspect of your life, fully and unequivocally be accountable to the public – yes the Royal Press Charter does attempt to silence the press but to date the news corporations have refused, and must continue to do so, to sign the Charter.

Denis MacShane will of course not be forgotten for he will, as with the likes of Vicky Pryce and Chris Huhne, be released after serving a fraction of his sentence and no doubt be awarded a very lucrative job in a corporation that will use his ability to get inside information from the old boy’s network.

Whitehall in modern times is a little bit like Ali Baba although there are considerably more than forty thieves in this particular cave.

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