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Deprived Chinese Student Outperform UK Students at Maths

Deprived Chinese Student Outperform UK Students at Maths

DEPRIVED CHINESE STUDENTS OUTPERFORM UK STUDENTS AT MATHS – Yes the headline suggests that UK children are being outperformed in maths studies but in fact the situation is far worse.

According to a recent report children from middle-class families in the UK are three years behind children in Shanghai where their parents are scraping a living cleaning.

I’ve met some pretty exceptional people in my time and none other than a young Chinese immigrant attending law class.  When Chu first arrived she spoke barely any English which amazed me considering she was about to embark on a three year course studying English Law; after all the English language can be complicated enough but with law it is also highly technical with a fair degree of Latin thrown in.

Within just a few weeks Chu was speaking almost perfect English after studying part-time in the evenings.  After the first year Chu received the highest mark on the test papers and I have to say I wasn’t surprised considering her attitude and approach towards studying.

We in the UK often like to berate foreign countries for the backward views but it is clear that the standard of education in the UK is dropping far below that of countries such as China.

Why are our children falling behind other nations in critical areas of study?  For me the issue is one of discipline or rather the lack of it in the UK.

We often look at China and perceive their disciplinary methods as somewhat draconian, cruel and even barbaric but how often do you hear of children verbally or physically abusing their teachers… yes it could be said that such events are commonplace in the UK.

We have removed almost any form of discipline; both at school and in the home.  The emphasis appears to be on allowing children to develop in whatever way they see fit which has resulted in the downward spiral of academic achievement.

Our children undoubtedly appear to have a greater awareness of our society than we have constructed and it could be suggested that they take the attitude that if they fail at school there’s always the welfare system to fall back on.

The Chinese however take an entirely different approach; they indoctrinate their children to the concept that hard work leads to a more fulfilling, prosperous and rewarding life.

Yes we in the west have referred to such as little more than brainwashing that suppresses individualism but who can deny China’s rise in becoming an economic and military powerhouse?

Welfare in China is almost non-existent and therefore the work ethic is also enhanced; it is merely a fact of life that in order to compete with 1.4 billion other citizens then the individual must excel.

The report goes on to state that British children are approximately three years behind that of their Chinese counterparts; it’s a gap that’s almost impossible to comprehend and yet it is a damning reality of both the education system, the attitudes towards studying and our society as a whole.

The cavernous divide in academic attainment between Britain and China was revealed in December 2013 when a report was released by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The report clearly shows that British teenagers have dropped out of the top 20 rankings in maths, science and literature for the first time; it is a revelation that should both shock and shame our nation and yet I fear most don’t really care.

There used to be a time when we as a nation could hold our heads high and declare our country to be a great nation; hence the widespread use of ‘Great Britain’.

Unfortunately the word ‘great’ has long been relegated to the history books for we have gone from an industrious and innovative nation to one of mere consumers; almost all British industry has been eradicated and replaced by a welfare system that provides nothing but increased poverty and despair.

I can’t honestly say that I was a fan of the Imperial era for such was overly oppressive but it does give testament to what we once could achieve as a nation.

Looking back it is clear that our innovative ability was second to none which brought about the rise of the industrial age – certainly this had consequence to the environment but it was clear that we were capable of great feats that benefited British society and society in other nations.

Where are we today? The answer to that is disturbingly clear in that we have a failing education system, a nation bathed in poverty, segregated communities and a nation with almost uncontrollable debt.

We really ought to be ashamed of ourselves and yet I strongly suspect that our children lack any form of discipline or drive that allows them to fully understand the devastating consequence of such a society.

You can forget the notion that Britain is a great nation or that we still have significant capabilities for our liberalisation has lead us in decline and it is now China who long ago recognised the failings of the west and built upon those failures to produce a nation that is driven by the desire to be the most powerful nation on earth… certainly if we take the single aspect of military might then no other nation, probably even a combination of western nations, couldn’t successfully defend against.

There is no doubt in my mind that Britain and our youth are capable but until we reinstate discipline and the work ethic then we run the very real prospect of turning into a third world country; some suggest we are closer to that state than many care to admit.

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