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Deputy Mayor of Calais Declares Over 15,000 Illegal Immigrants Sneak into Britain Annually Through Calais

Deputy Mayor of Calais Declares Over 15,000 Illegal Immigrants Sneak into Britain Annually Through Calais

DEPUTY MAYOR OF CALAIS DECLARES OVER 15,000 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS SNEAK INTO BRITAIN ANNUALLY THROUGH CALAIS – According to Philippe Mignonet, the Deputy Mayor of Calais and the port’s immigration chief some 15,000 illegal immigrants managed to sneak into Britain annually; forcing the taxpayer to pay for their every need.

Calais Illegal Immigrants

According to Philippe Mignonet he could no longer remain quiet over this issue as Calais is quickly becoming a magnet for every illegal immigrant; many who engage in criminal activities.

Just days ago we published an article in with the French Interior Minister Manuel Valls is calling upon the British Government to change its immigration policy so that more immigrants could legally travel to British; it was seen by the British public as nothing more than an attempt by the French Government to dump their burden on the British taxpayer.


French Calling on Britain to Relax Immigration Laws to Ease Burden on Calais

Philippe Mignonet last night told the Daily Telegraph that according to his estimates up to 40 illegal immigrants per night manage to slip through the net and turn up on British soil and this is despite the British and French border authorities catching many hundreds of others attempting the same.

We are now just days away from the Right of Free Movement taking effect which would ultimately relieve the French authorities at Calais for EU legislation will force the British authorities to open its border to anyone; including the thousands currently waiting at Calais.

The French Government however continues to accuse Britain of having a ‘hypocritical’ attitude by talking tough on immigration whilst doing nothing to prevent illegal immigrants from entering Britain; a call that is widely accepted by the British public.

Mr. Valls noted that the easiest thing for the French Government was to simply shift border control from Calais to Dover and therefore dump the problem on Britain.

As Britain fast approaches 1 January and the Government continues to create all manner of fantastical, but highly unrealistic, plans to prevent mass immigration which will inevitably attract a growing criminal element, the British public are now faced with the very stark realisation that Britain is about to be subjected to EU legislation where from Britain may never recover.

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